2 in 2 For The Bears!

bell and bear logoOur first Grassroots report comes from our youngest reporter Kieran Corcoran aged 13

Meet the new Sunday league Team this season.

The Bell And Bear Football Club

The Bell And Bear play in The Warley District Division 5.

A New team.

A team which started last season and ended last season not very good….But this season it has all changed.

The league started well for them with there first game vs Forest Falcons.
Forest Falcon 2 – 4 Bell & Bear F.C

This looked promising for the Bears as they went into yesterday’s game with there jinx Fan (me)

Kieran Corcoran.
Yes everytime I went last season they lost and I know I know that seems a bit bad on my party but as I went yesterday with hi hopes of this new and improved team.

So the ref blows the whistle to start as the bears kick off.
As the Bears start off the better side.

Shaun Carey puts it into the back of the net….great start

As the game goes on Pashendale (the opponents) score an level it back.

The game goes on and as the goals go in so comes the crowd with them cheering COME ON LADS ect…

So with 8 minutes to go can the Bell And Bear hold there win ???

Longest 8 minutes of my life as the jinx was soon to be coming of me.

YYYYYEEEESSSSS The full time whistle goes and the Bell And Bear have won the same amount of games as they did last season with 2 consecutive wins in 2 games.

Pashendale 3 – 4 Bell & Bear.
Goals from,
S.Carey (2)
J.Merricks (2)
Man of the match J.Merricks.

Paddy Photo  More on the Bell & Bear below