Brummies V Eastbourne heat by heat 08/05/13

phil I’m sure the weather gods have a vendetta against the Brummies, last week no meeting… glorious sunshine… this week

As Wednesday approaches I always pay much more attention to the weather forecasters, it’s invariably wrong but this week reading my usual weather web site it’s surprising how accurate the predictions were! Light rain at 5.00pm… yes it was, heavier rain at 5.30pm… yes it was, heavy shower 6.30 to 7.00 clearing up to bright sunshine by 8.00pm… right again!
The meeting was delayed by 15 minutes for the track staff to rescue the track and prepare the surface for racing, several bags of sawdust was tipped onto the track at the starting gate to soak up some of the wet stuff! And… at 7.45 with no parade the match was on!

On with the meeting…
Our visitors the Eastbourne Eagles are using rider replacement for Adam Shields, who is out with a back injury and Cameron Heeps is a guest rider for the missing Lukas Dryml.
Brummies off gates 1 & 3 for heat 1.

Heat 1.
Dennis Gizatulin rider replacement for Adam Shields.
Bjarne Pedersen, Dennis Gizatulin, Jason Doyle and Chris Harris the race order out of the 2nd bend of lap 1. Jason Doyle edged past Dennis Gizatulin on the back straight of lap 2. An extremely muddy first race with Chris Harris looking like most of the track was stuck to him as he pulled up at the end of the 2nd lap. The race continued without any further changes, Bjarne Pedersen was the only rider to finish with a clean set of kevlars!

Pedersen, Doyle, Gizatulin (Harris retired)

Result 2-4

Heat 2.
Martin Smolinski, Dennis Gizatulin, Cameron Heeps the 1, 2, 3 into the first bend with Nicolas Covatti having had a poor gate bringing up the rear. But Nico didn’t let his slow gate hamper his progress as he caught up and passed Cameron Heeps on the back straight of the 2nd lap and in virtually the same spot on lap 3 he also passed Dennis Gizatulin to take up 2nd place behind Martin, at the same point Dennis Gizatulin slowed up and dropped behind his team mate.
A fine 5-1 to the Brummies!

Smolinski, Covatti, Heeps, Gizatulin

Result    5-1   (7-5)

Heat 3.
Josh Auty and Danny King made superb gates and led into the first bend with Simon Gustafsson and Timo Lahti trailing in their wake! Danny passed Josh as they exited the 2nd bend and the Eagles duo had no answer to their superb riding, in fact a large gap opening up by the end of the 2nd lap.

King, Auty, Gustafsson, Lahti

Result    5-1   (12-6)

Heat 4.
Ben Barker, Nicolas Covatti, Cameron Woodward rode shoulder to shoulder into bend 1 as they tussled for race advantage. Ben and Nico emerged out of the second bend in front leaving Cameron Woodward and Cameron Heeps to pick up the minor placings. Cameron Woodward pushed hard behind Nico but never looked likely to pass him. The Brummies were making it look very easy as they took their 3rd 5-1 and a nice 10 point lead.

Barker, Covatti, Woodward, Heeps

Result   5-1   (17-7)

Heat 5.
Dennis Gizatulin again rider replacement for Adam Shields and with the Eagles 10 points behind Bjarne Pedersen is elected to take a tactical ride with the black & white helmet for potential double points.
Danny King, Bjarne Pedersen, Josh Auty, Dennis Gizatulin the race order into the 1st bend, but the fast moving Bjarne Pedersen wasn’t looking to mess up his double points opportunity as he stormed past Danny out of the 2nd bend. I don’t think I ever saw Bjarne Pedersen move that fast when he rode for us! No further position changes as Bjarne made full use of his tactical ride.

Pedersen, King, Auty, Gizatulin

Result   3-6   (20-13)

Heat 6.
Cameron Heeps takes reserve ride in place of Dennis Gizatulin.
Cameron Heeps had an absolute flying start to lead the race into bend 1, followed by Chris Harris, Cameron Woodward and Jason Doyle. Jason quickly got into his stride and passed Cameron Woodward on the back straight of the 1st lap. No further race changes for the first shared heat of the evening. The track was recovering well.

Heeps, Harris, Doyle, Woodward

Result 3-3   (23-16)

Heat 7.
Simon Gustafsson made the better gate as he led into the 1st bend but it was a very short-lived lead as first Martin Smolinski and a few wheel turns later Ben Barker both roared past him on the back straight of lap. Once again a large gap opened up between the Brummie pair and the Eagles pair as the race progressed. Another 5-1 and the Eagles were being made to look very average.
Smolinski, Barker, Gustafsson, Lahti

Result 5-1   (28-17)

Heat 8.
Simon Gustafsson to take rider replacement for Adam Shields.
Nicolas Covatti in 1st, Simon Gustafsson in 2nd, Jason Doyle in 3rd and Cameron Heeps in 4th out of bend 2 of lap 1. Jason Doyle passed Simon Gustafsson on the back straight and then traded place with his team mate to take the 5th 5-1 of the meeting. And yet again the Brummies pulled away from the Eagles duo for a quality lead by the end of the race.

Doyle, Covatti, Gustafsson, Heeps

Result   5-1   (33-18)

Heat 9.
Danny King again making one of his better gates storms around the outside to emerge race leader out of the 2nd bend lap 1. Cameron Woodward takes up 2nd place, Josh Auty 3rd and Dennis Gizatulin 4th. Cameron Woodward challenges hard behind Danny and out of bend 2, 2nd lap momentarily gets his wheel in front but Danny holds his line and prevents the pass.

King, Woodward, Auty, Gizatulin

Result   4-2   (37-20)

Heat 10.
Jason Doyle and Chris Harris straight into a 5-1 position into the 1st bend, Timo Lahti and Simon Gustafsson in 3rd and 4th. Chris Harris passed Jason Doyle on bend 3 of the 1st lap and no other changes for the following 3 laps as the Brummies chalk up their 6th 5-1 of the meeting and a stunning 21-point lead!

Harris, Doyle, Lahti, Gizatulin

Result   5-1   (42-21)

Heat 11.
Cameron Heeps taking rider replacement for Adam Shields and the 2n d black & white helmet tactical ride.
Bjarne Pedersen leads out of bend 2, hotly followed by Martin Smolinski in 2nd, Ben Barker in 3rd and Cameron Heeps on his tactical ride in a very unimpressive last place. Martin Smolinski passes Bjarne Pedersen on the back straight of lap 2. Ben Barker tries very hard to do the same but can’t get past, Cameron Heeps meanwhile is making absolutely no impression on anybody!

Smolinski, Pedersen, Barker, Heeps

Result   4-2   (46-23)

Heat 12.
Dennis Gizatulin and Simon Gustafsson in 1st and 2nd place into the 1st bend but Danny King speeds past both of them on the back straight and 1 lap later Nicolas Covatti moves past Simon Gustafsson into 3rd place.

King, Gizatulin, Covatti, Gustafsson

Result   4-2   (50-25)

Heat 13.
Bjarne Pedersen, Chris Harris, Cameron Woodward, Ben Barker the race positions out of bend 2, lap 1. Cameron Woodward edges past Chris Harris at the start of lap 2, but Chris took the position back half a lap later on the back straight. Cameron Woodward was unfortunate to fall on bend one of the 3rd lap.
At the end of the race the referee thanked Cameron Woodward for clearing the track quickly to prevent the race being interrupted.

Pedersen, Harris, Barker (Woodward fell)

Result   3-3   (53-28)

Heat 14.
Dennis Gizatulin reserve change from Cameron Heeps.
Martin Smolinski, Dennis Gizatulin, Josh Auty, Timo Lahti out of bend 2 lap 1 and with no further changes also the result of the race. Martin taking his 4th win out of 4 races.

Smolinski, Gizatulin, Auty, Lahti

Result   4-2   (57-30)

Heat 15.
Nominated riders: Martin Smolinski, Danny King, Bjarne Pedersen, Dennis Gizatulin, Eagles to take gates 1 and 3.
Danny King, Bjarne Pedersen, Martin Smolinski and Dennis Gizatulin the race positions into bend 1 but as the exit bend 2 Martin Smolinski passes Bjarne Pedersen for a Brummie 1 and 2. Pedersen hangs onto Martin’s back wheel for a while but never got back into contention, meanwhile whilst watching the action at the front I failed to notice exactly where Dennis Gizatulin had pulled up with engine failure, somewhere after lap 2 is my best guess!  But it hardly mattered as the Brummies racked up their 7th 5-1 and the fastest time of the night to reach a score of 60+ and exactly double the Eagles total!

King, Smolinski, Pedersen (Gizatulin engine failure)

Result   5-1   (62-31)

Meeting summary
A totally lack-lustre evening for the Eastbourne Eagles whose wings were well and truly clipped by a high-flying Brummies team tonight! Bjarne Pedersen on 15 points scored almost half of their match total. The Brummies fought for every point and their poorer gating was more than compensated by their grit and determination.
The Eagles only had two heat wins and didn’t score any bonus points at all, but the Brummies score sheet is something to savour, in fact Chris was the only Brummie rider to have a 0 against his name.
Chris Harris         7
Jason Doyle         8+2
Danny King          14
Josh Auty               5+2
Ben Barker           7+2
Martin Smolinski  14+1
Nicolas Covatti     7+3

Martin Smolinski with his paid maximum was once again named rider of the night and in a post match interview Martin paid tribute to the track staff for their efforts to make the track totally raceable after the rainfall. He also thanked the supporters for turning up in good numbers given the weather conditions. All in all a very enjoyable night’s racing, albeit a tad on the cold side!


Sheila Bowen

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