Big night for the Brummies!

bruihereCould this be the most important match in Brummies history so far?

Quite possibly for many reasons.

Their is the result, which of course is important to both teams, and Wolves will be smelling blood with Bomber unavailable.

It is my belief that if we want to have any chance of finishing top then we need all three points. We should still qualify if we lose but I think it has just become important to finish top. If Poole manage to scrape through to fourth I think they will be favorites for the title. By finishing top we can give Poole to Swindon who I think have a chance of beating them. That of course would leave us with Wolves, so that’s another reason to want to beat them on Wednesday night.

Then there is the crowd level. I know that this match is on sky, but even so,if we cant get a decent crowd in for a fixture like this then something is wrong. I would say that if you have managed to get a newbie to the track then now is the time to follow that up. Let them know how important the match is and how nip and tuck its likely to be.

Now to the match. Can we win. Well yes we can. The last  big Lindgren did not look anywhere like fully fit so that is a potential weakness. I don’t see us getting much change out of Tai Woff but its the reserves and second strings where we can hopefully pull away. So for me the key is which Nico turns up.If the one that turned up at cov and at home V the Budgies is riding on Wednesday then I feel we win the match comfortably.
I also feel that BB is due a good night. (that’s a fingers crossed moment.)

Gonna be interesting watching Nico in today’s GP. Hope he socres some points and stays fit.


Michael Harris