Birmingham Brummies V Wolves 07/08/13 Heat By Heat

bruihereA beautifully warm and sunny evening yet again, the weather gods have certainly being doing a good job for us in recent weeks.
Well here it is the Clash of the Titans! Joint league leaders… Wolves will fancy their chances with our recent injury woes… Chris Harris broken collarbone, Nico Covatti broken wrist, let’s hope our guests Davy Watt and Nicolai Klindt can pull out the stops! But even without two of our key riders I am quietly confident that all 3 points will be ours and we can showcase our team spirit and strength in front of the Sky cameras and relegate Wolves to No.2 in the league.

On with the meeting…
Wolves are operating rider replacement for Ty Proctor.
Davey Watt guest at No.1 and Nicolai Klindt guest at No.6 for Brummies.

Brummies off gates 1 & 3 for heat 1.

Heat 1.
Ludvig Lindgren rider replacement for Ty Proctor.
Fredrik Lindgren living up to his ‘Fast Freddie’ tag makes a superb gate and takes the lead into the 1st bend, closely followed by Davey Watt, Jason Doyle and Ludvig Lindgren. On the home straight at the end of lap 1 Jason Doyle passes Davey Watt. With no further changes in the next 3 laps the result is a shared heat.

Result 3-3

Lindgren, Doyle, Watt, Lindgren

Heat 2.
Josh Auty anticipates the gate too well for the Ref’s liking, race stopped all 4 back.
Re-start. Into bend 1, Nicolai Klindt, Josh Auty, Ludvig Lindgren and Jacob Thorssell the race order. Jacob Thorssell had a severe case of the wobbles as he entered the first bend but gets the bike back under control as he exited bend 2, albeit still in last place. Ludvig Lindgren put up a good challenge on Josh Auty during lap 2 but never really got into a position to make a pass.
A comfortable win for the Brummie reserves!

Result 5-1   (8-4)

Klindt, Auty, L.Lindgren, Thorssell

Heat 3.
Into bend 1 Ben Barker in 1st, Adam Skornicki in 2nd, Danny King in 3rd and Ricky Wells in 4th, Ricky Wells passes Danny King on bend 2 but Danny King snatches his 3rd place back as they speed down the back straight of lap 1. Danny roars up behind Adam Skornicki and succeeds in passing him on bend 3 of the 2nd lap. Ben untroubled at the front and Danny keeps the Wolves at bay for the remainder of the race for a fine 5-1!

Result    5-1   (13-5)

Barker, King, Skornicki, Wells

Heat 4.
Superb starts by Martin Smolinski and Josh Auty as they take the 1st and 2nd positions from Tai Woffinden and Jacob Thorssell in 3rd and 4th into bend 1. Tai Woffinden kept the pressure on Josh and succeeded in taking 2nd place from Josh on the back straight of lap 2. Martin Smolinski by this time had built up a healthy lead and Tai didn’t get a chance to get within reach of him.

Result   4-2   (17-7)

Smolinski, Woffinden, Auty, Thorssell

Heat 5.
Ludvig Lindgren takes rider replacement for Ty Proctor.
Just 4 heats gone, Wolves 10 points down and electing Fredrik Lindgren to take the tactical black & white helmet.
Fantastic starts from the Brummie duo as Ben Barker and Danny King come out of the 2nd bend in front of Fredrik Lindgren with Ludvig Lindgren in last place. Fredrik Lindgren tries everything to get past Danny. On the 2nd bend of lap 2 he edged his front wheel in front but Danny pulled back ahead.
Danny secured the position for the remainder of the race leaving a totally fruitless black and white helmet ride and the Brummies 3rd 5-1 score!

Result 5-1   (22-8)

Barker, King, F.Lindgren, L.Lindgren

Heat 6.
From the gate, Tai Woffinden, Davey Watt, Jason Doyle and Ludvig Lindgren. Jason Doyle passes Davey Watt out of bend 2 of lap 1 and that was the only position change and Tai Woffinden was way out in front by the end of the race.

Result   3-3   (25-11)

Woffinden, Doyle, Watt, L.Lindgren

Heat 7.
Nicolai Klindt has a flying start, Ref not impressed, race stopped all 4 back.
Re-start. Into bend 1 Ricky Wells, Martin Smolinski, Adam Skornicki, Nicolai Klindt the race order, but as the enter bend 2 Adam Skornicki speeds from 3rd to first down the back straight! Martin now in 3rd place passes Ricky Wells on the home straight at the start of lap 2 and then passes Adam Skornicki on the back straight of the same lap. Meanwhile Nicolai Klindt coaxes a very sluggish bike for two laps to finish in last place.

Result   3-3   (28-14)

Smolinski, Skornicki, Wells, Klindt

Heat 8.
Adam Skornicki rider replacement for Ty Proctor.
Josh Auty moving at tapes, race stopped all 4 back.
Re-start. Out of bend 2 Jason Doyle, Adam Skornicki, Josh Auty and Jacob Thorssell and in a very average race that is also the final result.

Result   4-2   (32-16)

Doyle, Skornicki, Auty, Thorssell

Heat 9.
Wolves use their 2nd tactical ride with Tai Woffinden in black and white helmet.
Tai Woffinden has a superb gate and just as it looked like he would lead into bend 1 BB made a fantastic move to nick up the inside of Tai, meanwhile Danny King was roaring around the outside and passed both Tai Woffinden and Ben Barker to take 1st place on the back straight. Ben Barker rode hard to ensure that Tai Woffinden remained in 3rd place, and once again no advantage from their tactical ride and Ludvig Lindgren trailed at the back from start to finish.

Result   5-1   (37-17)

King, Barker, Woffinden, L. Lindgren

Heat 10.
Jason Doyle, Davey Watt, Adam Skornicki and Ricky Wells the race order into bend 1 Adam Skornicki passed Davey Watt on the back straight of lap 1. No further changes for the rest of the race.

Result   4-2   (41-19)

Doyle, Skornicki, Watt, Wells

Heat 11.
Jacob Thorssell takes the final rider replacement for Ty Proctor.
Martin Smolinski, Nicolai Klindt, Fredrik Lindgren Jacob Thorssell the 1,2,3,4 into bend 2 lap 1.
Fredrik Lindgren made no impact on the Brummie pair and that was also the race result for yet another 5-1!

Result   5-1   (46-20)

Smolinski, Klindt, F.Lindgren, Thorssell

Heat 12.
Danny King’s turn for eager gating, race stopped all 4 back.
Re-start. Danny King has a legitimate gate this time and leads into bend 1, followed by Josh Auty, Ricky Wells and Ludvig Lindgren. The only changes in the race order were from the Brummie duo as Josh passes Danny on the back straight of lap 1 and they swap places back on the home straight at the start of lap 4.
The result… 5-1 Number 6!

Result   5-1   (51-21)

King, Auty, Wells, L.Lindgren

Heat 13.
Davey Watt, Tai Woffinden, Fredrik Lindgren and Martin Smolinski the race order into bend 1, but not for long as Tai Woffinden passes Davey Watt on the back straight of lap 1. Exactly one lap later Fredrik Lindgren passes Davey Watt on the back straight of lap 2. And to complete the trio of back straight manoeuvres and Davey Watt passes… Martin Smolinski moves into 3rd past Davey on the back straight of lap 3. A real case of too little, too late the Wolves take their 1st 5-1 and heat win of the evening.

Result 1-5   (52- 26)

Woffinden, F.Lindgren, Smolinski, Watt

Heat 14.
Nicolai Klindt in 1st, Ben Barker in 2nd, Adam Skornicki in 3rd and Jacob Thorssell in 4th as the riders exit bend 2 lap 1. Ben Barker passes Nicolai Klindt on the home straight at the end of lap 1.
Adam Skornicki also passes Nicolai Klindt on the back straight of lap 2.

Result   4-2   (56-28)

Barker, Skornicki, Klindt, Thorssell

Heat 15.
Wolves to take gates 1 & 3
Nominated riders: Jason Doyle, Ben Barker, Fredrik Lindgren, Tai Coffined.

The Wolves duo had their best gate of the evening as Fredrik Lindgren leads into the 1st bend, Tai Woffinden in 2nd… the Brummie pair had probably their worst gate of the night with Ben Barker in 3rd and Jason Doyle in 4th.
Tai Woffinden and Fredrik Lindgren exchanged places on the back straight of lap 1. Ben Barker chased very hard behind Fredrik Lindgren but never looked like being able to pass. Jason Doyle crashed into the fence on bend 4 of the 2nd lap, the race was stopped, Jason was quickly up on his feet while his bike was extricated from under the air fence. As Tai Woffinden had just started his 3rd lap when the race was stopped the Referee didn’t call for a re-run and the race was awarded giving the Wolves their 2nd 5-1 but also only their 2nd race advantage of the night.

Result   1-5   (57-33)

Woffinden, Lindgren, Barker (Doyle fell/excluded)

Meeting summary
Speedway will never cease to amaze me… yes I expected a win, yes I expected to take all 3 points… but  never in my wildest dreams would I have predicted that we would win by such a large margin… 24 points is a stupendous win over a team that has held No.1 position for many weeks!
I was fearful that in losing Chris and Nico in quick succession it would take the edge of our racing, but as previous matches have shown when needed the rest of the team re-group and take up the slack.
Tonight was no exception with solid scoring throughout the entire team, riders 2 through to 5 on 10 or more points each, reserves on 6 points each, and our guest No.1 having to take 3 of his rides against the high flying Fredrik Lindgren and Tai Woffinden still chipped in with 3 + 2 bonus points!

Ben Barker was named Rider of the Night.

Davey Watt 3 + 2
Jason Doyle 10 (5 rides)
Danny King 10 + 2
Ben Barker 12 + 1 (5 rides)
Martin Smolinski 10
Nicolai Klindt 6 + 1
Josh Auty 6 + 2

Fredrik Lindgren 9 + 2 (5 rides)
Ty Proctor rider replacement
Ricky Wells 3
Adam Skornicki 8 + 1 (5 rides)
Tai Woffinden 12 (5 rides)
Ludvig Lindgren 1(6 rides)
Jacob Thorssell 0 (5 rides)

Sheila Bowen for more news on the brummies