Birmingham Brummies V Wolves 30/09/13 Heat By Heat

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Another fantastic report from Sheila Bowen.   Following our fine 46-44 win at Wolverhampton last Monday I have been eagerly waiting for this 2nd leg. It’s absolutely fantastic that the 7 man Brummies team that will be riding tonight are exactly the same 7 we started the 2013 season with… how amazing is that?

Ben Barker broke a finger on Sunday while riding a Premier league match, but stated ‘Wild Horses’ couldn’t prevent him from taking his place in the team for this match…
Wolves have Craig Cook replacing Tai Woffinden, Nicolai Klindt as guest reserve and are operating rider replacement for Robert Miskowiak who has a bad cold!!!
Just want to add that Ricky Day was at the stadium today, I have fond memories of him when he rode for the Brummies in the 70’s and I was so pleased to have a chat with him, I was also delighted to see John Hart and chat with him too!

On with the meeting…

Brummies off gates 2 & 4 for heat 1.

Heat 1.
Ludvig Lindgren takes rider replacement ride for Robert Miskowiak.
Jason Doyle, Craig Cook, Ludvig Lindgren and Martin Smolinski the race order into 1st bend of lap 1, and also the race positions until bend 3 of the last lap where Ludvig Lindgren appeared to have engine problems upon which Martin Smolinski took advantage of Lindren’s lack of momentum and passed him coming out of the last lap of the race to record a valuable 3rd place.

Result 4-2

Doyle, Cook, Smolinski, Lindgren

Heat 2.
Nicolai Klindt jumped at the start, all 4 back for the re-run.
Nicolai Klindt in 1st, Ludvig Lindgren in 2nd, Nico Covatti in 3rd and Josh Auty in 4th the race order into the 1st bend, Josh Auty passes Nico Covatti on the back straight of lap 1, he then proceeds to hunt down Ludvig Lindgren and chases hard before finally making the pass on bend 2 of lap 3.

Result 2-4   (6-6)

Klindt, Auty, Lindgren, Covatti

Heat 3.
Fredrik Lindgren, Ben Barker, Ricky Wells and Adam Skornicki into the 1st bend. Ricky Wells fell on the 3rd bend of the first lap, the race was stopped, Ricky Wells was announced as the cause of the stoppage and excluded from the re-run.
Ben Barker, Fredrik Lindgren, and Danny King the 1,2,3 into bend 1. Danny King powered around the outside to pass Fredrik Lindgren out of the 2nd bend and completed his last to first place move as he passed Ben Barker down the back straight of the 1st lap. Fredrik Lindgren tried his hardest to pass Ben but fails. A fine 5-1 to the Brummies!

Result    5-1   (11-7)

King, Barker, Lindgren (Wells fell/excluded)

Heat 4.
Into bend 1 of the 1st lap, Nicolai Klindt, Josh Auty, Chris Harris and Adam Skornicki the race order, Chris Harris passes Josh Auty out of the second bend to take up the chase behind Nicolai Klindt and succeeds in making the pass into 1st place on the back straight of lap 2.
Josh Auty pushes hard behind Nicolai Klindt but can’t get the pass.

Result   4-2   (15-9)

Harris, Klindt, Auty, Skornicki

Heat 5.
Ricky Wells rider replacement for Robert Miskowiak. The Brummies duo enter the 1st bend in a 5-1 position but Craig Cook fell entering the 2nd bend causing the race to be stopped, Cook is excluded from the re-run.
Re-run. Danny King in 1st, Ricky Wells in 2nd and Ben Barker in 3rd as they enter the 1st bend.
Ricky Wells edges past Danny King on the back straight and just 1 lap later Danny King regains 1st place with a re-pass on the back straight of the 2nd lap. Ricky Wells stays in contention but Danny rides hard to take the win.

Result   4-2   (19-11)

King, Wells, Barker (Cook fell/excluded)

Heat 6.
Jason Doyle, Adam Skornicki, Martin Smolinski and Ludvig Lindgren the race order out of bend 2. Martin Smolinski chases hard behind Skornicki and succeeds in making the pass on the back straight of lap 2. The 2nd 5-1 of the night!

Result   5-1   (24-12)

Doyle, Smolinski, Skornicki, Lindgren

Heat 7.
Fredrik Lindgren to take a tactical ride with the black & white helmet for potential double points.
From the tapes, Fredrik Lindgren, Chris Harris , Nico Covatti, Ludvig Lindgren and that was also the result of the race. ‘Fast Freddie’ never looked troubled throughout the entire race, taking full advantage of his tactical ride to collect 6 points.

Result   2-7   (26-19)

Lindgren, Harris, Wells, Covatti

Heat 8.
Adam Skornicki rider replacement for Robert Miskowiak.
Nicolai Klindt again a bit too eager at the tapes, race stopped and all 4 back for the re-run.
Jason Doyle 1st, Josh Auty 2nd, Adam Skornicki and Nicolai Klindt the positions out of the second bend of lap 1, and with no changes in race order also the result of the race. Another superb 5-1

Result   5-1   (31-20)

Doyle, Auty, Skornicki, Klindt

Heat 9.
Into the 1st bend, Ben Barker, Adam Skornicki, Danny King Ludvig Lindgren, it all got somewhat fast and furious at the end of the back straight and the 3rd bend and unfortunately I wasn’t able to accurately note who past who and on which bit of the track, so… picking it back up at the start of lap 2… Adam Skornicki is now in 1st place, Danny King in 2nd, Ludvig Lindgren in 3rd and Ben Barker in 4th and that’s how it remained for the rest of the race.

Result   2-4   (33-24)

Skornicki, King, Lindgren, Barker

Heat 10.

Martin Smolinski and Jason Doyle in 1 and 2, Ricky Wells and Fredrik Lindgren in 3 and 4 into the 1st bend. Martin Smolinski and Jason Doyle trade places on bend 2 of the 2nd lap, followed by Ricky Wells and Fredrik Lindgren also exchanging positions. The outcome of the race remained unchanged.. another fine 5-1 to the Brummies as they extend their lead to 13 on the night and 15 aggregate.

Result   5-1   (38-25)

Doyle, Smolinski, Lindgren, Wells

Heat 11.
Josh Auty reserve ride in place of Nico Covatti, Nicolai Klindt rider replacement for Robert Miskowiak and Craig Cook to take black & white helmet tactical ride.
Into bend 1, Nicolai Klindt in 1st, Chris Harris in 2nd, Craig Cook in 3rd and Josh Auty in 4th. Josh passes Craig Cook on the back straight of lap 1.
Craig Cook clearly having a nightmare of a meeting over cooks it on bend 2 of the 2nd lap, doing well to stay on the bike but taking him well out of contention at the back of the pack, rendering his tactical ride useless. The race continued without any further changes.

Result   3-3   (41-28)

Klindt, Harris, Auty, Cook

Heat 12.
Nico Covatti reserve ride in place of Josh Auty.
As the riders entered the first bend Fredrik Lindgren fell taking Nico Covatti down with him. Freddie was quickly up on his feet but Nico was on the track for a while before being helped to his feet. The referee declared an unsatisfactory start with all 4 riders back for the re-run.
Into the first bend, Danny King followed by Fredrik Lindgren followed by Nico Covatti followed by Ludvig Lindgren. Ludvig Lindgren passes Nico Covatti on the back straight.
Nico Covatti also down on his luck tonight falls going into bend 2 of lap 2. Nico quickly gets himself and his bike off the track allowing the race to continue. Another shared heat.
At the end of the race the referee thanked Nico for clearing the track quickly.
A quick add up on my chilled fingers and I realise that barring 2 no scores from the remaining 3 races Wolves cannot beat us!

Result   3-3   (44-31)

King, F Lindgren, L Lindgren (Covatti fell)

Heat 13.
Nicolai Klindt reserve ride for Craig Cook.
Nicolai Klindt has a superb gate and leads into the first bend, followed by Martin Smolinski, Chris Harris and Adam Skornicki. Chris Harris passes both Martin Smolinski and Nicolai Klindt on the 3rd and 4th of lap 1 to take the lead. Klindt throws a complete wobbly as he enters the 4th bend of the 2nd lap allowing both Martin Smolinski and Adam Skornicki to come past him.

Result   4-2   (48-33)

Harris, Skornicki, Smolinski, Klindt

Heat 14.
Out of bend 2 the race positions are, Ben Barker, Ricky Wells, Nico Covatti, Nicolai Klindt.
Nicolai Klindt sneaks past Nico Covatti on bend 3 lap 2 and Nico Covatti retakes his 3rd place spot back from Klindt on the 3rd bend of the 3rd lap. Ben in the meantime makes no mistakes to hold onto his 1st place.

Result 4-2   (52-34)

Barker, Wells, Covatti, Klindt

Prior to the start of the final race all the Brummie riders not in the race and management gathered on the centre green, what a fantastic show of solidarity!

Heat 15.
Nominated riders: Jason Doyle, Danny King, Fredrik Lindgren, Adam Skornicki
From the tapes, Jason Doyle, Danny King, Adam Skornicki, Fredrik Lindgren, but Adam Skornicki  storms past Danny King on the back straight of lap 1 and then completes his charge by passing Jason Doyle on the home straight at the start of lap 3.

Result 3-3   (55-38)    (Aggregate score 101-82)

M Smolinski 6 + 2
Jason Doyle 14
Danny King 12
Ben Barker 6 + 1
Chris Harris 10
Nico Covatti 1
Josh Auty 6 + 2

C Cook 2
R Miskowiak rider replacement
F Lindgren 10
R Wells      5
A Skornicki 10
L Lindgren 3 + 1
N Klindt     8

Meeting summary
It’s not often I’m lost for words, but tonight is one of those occasions!
I really can’t find enough fitting words to express how proud I am of the team at this moment in time. At the very start of this season I liked the look of the fine team the management had assembled, but… I would have been hard pressed to have predicted this finale!
Every race was raced, every point was chased and every team member gave their all.
Danny, Jason, and Chris all with double points, Martin, Josh and Ben with 6 points each… and not forgetting that Ben rode with a broken finger! And finally Nico, if only effort and determination could be exchanged for points… he was worth more than 1 point that’s a fact.
I really can’t add any more… except… put your fingers in your ears, I’m going to shout…

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