Birmingham V Coventry. My thoughts

Wow what a night of speedway. Despite the scoreline (55-37) there was some really entertaining races mostly, it has to be said, from the Birmingham riders. To be fair the match was fairly close for the first third of the meeting with the Bee’s even taking an early lead. But then BANG! the Brummies riders got going for real. Of course the star of the night was undoubtedly our reserve. Take a bow Martin Smolinski. The guy was just sensational and long may it continue. Interesting to read some comments alluding to Martin having a bigger engine than the regulations allow for and some have got upset at that. My reaction is not to get upset and to take it as a compliment. Martin really is riding THAT good at the moment.

So after two league matches Birmingham find themselves one point behind Kings Lynn in second place. (KL managed a point at Poole last night.) and with a match in hand. Are we really that good or are Coventry really that bad? Probably a bit of both. The real test comes next week when we face title favorites Swindon. That will be a tough match and no mistake and we will need every rider riding to the max. Swindon beat us every time we came up against them last season so we owe them one. And you know what? I am feeling quietly confident.

As an aside. It is interesting to see that Poole only just managed to win against a strong looking Kings Lynn septet last night. Darcy Ward had a nasty crash that re injured the wrist he broke last year. This meant that Darcy was not able to take his last rides and highlighted how vulnerable they are should they lose one of their powerhouse big hitters or if one of those big hitters have an off night. Darcy Ward is having scans today to make sure that the metal he already has in his wrist hasnt been damaged.Martin celebrates