Blues V Wolves verdict

The first half killed it for Blues, in my opinion we just simply didn’t want it, how can we go to Palace, win 4-0 and lose to Wolves?…what happened in that first half?.
Just wondering if certain overpaid stars realize what shelling out 30 notes actually means….even more so when you are playing your rivals.


Lee Clark said:

“Quite simply, without the ball in the first half we were rubbish, with it we were decent.

“With it in the second half we were decent again and without it we were good, but in the first half we were woeful.

“Three or four players weren’t at it and you can’t have that. With the ball, you can have three or four players maybe not having a great day but without it, you have to have 11 putting a shift in.

“I think we got a little bit caught up and excited about what happened on Friday, thinking we could just turn up and play our football, forgetting you’ve got to win the battles.

“It’s a very frustrating day for us when you think if we’d got three points we could have gone eighth in the table.”