British Speedway Final

Our reporter “The Special One” give his unique view on the final….

Regarding our lads first, Ben looked all over the shop, glad he did that tonight rather than in a brummies meeting, Josh did reasonable, probably where we expected him to be, Danny had some good heats and speed but needs to defend better against top opposition, Bomber was the best of the four, on the pace and making gates, definetly deserving of his place in the final.

Although you could argue Woofy deserved his win with 15 in the heats, I’m certain he was on one of the biggest rollers I’ve ever seen in the Grand Final and got away with it, presumably because the ref bottled putting the red lights on with Woofy at Monmore.

The ref also left a lot to be desired in heat 7 I think it was, Kennet moved at the start and got left at the tapes as a result as Bomber left turn 2 infront and the red lights went on, why ?!, Kennet punished himself with his movement by being left for dead at the start and the heat should of been let go, I was furious when Kennet then won the re run redcard2

My main gripe of the evening however, is the entire operation at Monmore, now I know 22 heats will always take longer than 15, but they were so bloody slow between heats it felt like an ordeal, longer than required gaps constantly making the night towards the end feel like a complete ordeal, if they had taken another 5 minutes, I would of had to miss the final as I needed to get back on the tram to make the last train home from Snow Hill at 23:25, If we held that meeting at Perry Barr we would of had it wrapped up by 21:45 at the latest with our slick working between heats, those clowns managed to drag it out until 22:25 with huge gaps between previous heats or stoppages and the 2 minutes going on.

It’s about time the British Final was taken away from Wolves to another track for 2014, as well as giving Woofy home track advantage, Wolves have shown they make a total hash of presenting it, dragging it out far longer than needbe and taking a lot of the enjoyment with it, the BSPA want people to come from far and wide to watch the British Final, then they need their backsides in gear and make sure the club hosting it gets a bloody move on, we have home to get to after the meeting, while Wolves home fans may not care, what about everyone else ? I only just managed to get home to Hall Green tonight by the skin of my teeth, how these idiots expects fans from clubs further afield to manage is beggers belief.

My first British Final and also my last unless the venue is changed or step are taken to ensure Wolves don’t take till 3am to stage the final because they want 10 minutes picking their noses between heats.