Brummies-46 Bees-44 09/04/14 Full Report

I enter the stadium with bright sunshine; a light breeze and a temperature of 15 degrees C… pinch me I must be dreaming!
Predictions for this week? I don’t think I will make any, last week I suggested a close fought match and we lost by 19 points!
I’ll play safe this week and will reserve judgment until the summary at the end of the report.
Both teams are at full strength, just a riding position change for the Brummies with Ben Barker moving up to the No.1 position and Danny King moving to No.3.

On with the meeting…

Brummies off gates 2 & 4 for heat 1.

Heat 1.
Into the first bend Adam Skornicki, Ryan Fisher, Hans Andersen with Ben Barker in last place having had quite a poor gate. Hans Andersen sped past his team mate Ryan Fisher on the back straight of the first lap, and that was the only position change for the whole heat.
Adam looked very sharp and led with ease for the entire race; Ben battled hard behind Ryan Fisher but never got into real contention.

Result: 3-3
Skornicki: Andersen: Fisher: Barker

Heat 2.
From the tapes James Sarjeant in 1st, Paul Starke in 2nd, Simon Lambert in 3rd and Jason Garritty in 4th. Paul Starke kept well in contention for a couple of laps but had no real overtaking opportunities. Jason Garritty looked down on power at the back and pulled up at the end of the 2nd lap retiring from the race.

Result: 3-3 (6-6)
Sarjeant: Starke: Lambert: Garritty (retired)

Heat 3.
Edward Kennett made a great gate and led into the 1st bend followed by Chris Harris, Danny King and Kenneth Hansen. Danny King passed Chris Harris on the back straight but Chris Harris reclaimed the 2nd position back on the home straight at the start of the second lap, no further position changes for the rest of the heat and the resulting 4-2 gives the Brummies a slender 2 point lead.

Result: 4-2 (10-8)
Kennett: Harris: King: Hansen

Heat 4.
Daniel Nermark had a superb gate and led into the 1st bend, followed very closely by Ryan Fisher with James Sarjeant in 3rd and Simon Lambert in 4th, Ryan Fisher eased passed Daniel Nermark on the back straight and just 1 lap later Daniel Nermark’s race was over as he came to a halt on the back straight of the 2nd lap, leaving the Bees to claim a 5-1 and the lead!

Result: 1-5 (11-13)
Fisher: Sarjeant: Lambert: Nermark e/f

Heat 5.
From the tapes, Ben Barker, Kenneth Hansen, Edward Kennett and Kyle Howarth. As they exited the 2nd bend of the first lap Kenneth Hansen got his wheel in front of Ben and looked like he would take the lead, but Ben managed to edge back in front to retain his lead. Meanwhile, Kyle Howarth was challenging Edward Kennett for the 3rd spot and succeeded on the back straight of the 2nd lap.
Kenneth Hansen pushed hard behind Ben Barker for the entire race but Ben was able to hold on to his position. Edward Kennett appeared to be just coasting as he finished the race in last place.

Result: 3-3 (14-16)
Barker: Hansen: Howarth: Kennett

Heat 6.
Into bend 1 Danny King, Daniel Nermark, Hans Andersen and Chris Harris. Chris Harris fell as he entered the 2nd bend; the race was stopped with all 4 riders back for the re-run.
Into the 1st bend and once again Danny King and Daniel Nermark in 1st and 2nd with Hans Andersen in 3rd and Chris Harris in 4th. Hans Andersen passes Daniel Nermark on the back straight of the 1st lap and Daniel Nermark is relegated to last place as Chris Harris gets past him on the 2nd bend of the 2nd lap. Danny King has no problem holding on for his 1st race win of the evening.

Result: 3-3 (17-19)
King: Andersen: Harris: Nermark

Heat 7.
Adam Skornicki looking very sharp out of the gate leads into the 1st bend followed by Kyle Howarth, Paul Starke and Jason Garritty. Kyle Howarth eases passed Adam Skornicki on the back straight but Adam Skornicki reclaims the place on the 3rd bend of lap 1. But the hard work is all to no avail as Jason Garritty falls on the 2nd bend of the 2nd lap and is not able to clear the track in time to prevent the race stoppage. Jason Garritty is excluded from the re-run.
Adam Skornicki in 1st, Kyle Howarth, in 2nd and Paul Starke in 3rd into the 1st bend. Kyle Howarth rides extremely hard around the outside of the track for the entire race but isn’t able to make any impression on Adam Skornicki who won the race with room to spare. A 4-2 to the Brummies to level the score.

Result: 4-2 (21-21)
Skornicki: Howarth: Starke: Garritty f/x

Heat 8.
Danny King again with a great start leads into the 1st bend followed by Kenneth Hansen, Daniel Nermark and Ryan Fisher. Daniel Nermark passes Kenneth Hansen on the outside along the back straight of lap 1, Hansen rides hard behind Nermark and squeezes past on the 3rd bend of lap 2, but Nermark retakes the 2nd place out of the 1st bend, lap 3. At this point Hansen eases right of and Ryan Fisher passes to take 3rd place at the end of the race. A superb 5-1 to the Brummies and the lead!

Result:    5-1 (26-22)
King: Nermark: Fisher: Hansen

Heat 9.
Simon Lambert has a fantastic start and leads into bend 1 very closely followed by Jason Garritty, James Sarjeant and Paul Starke. James Sarjeant passes Jason Garritty as they enter the back straight and Paul Starke on a real charge passes both Bees riders mid-way along the back straight. Paul Starke rides the outside line around bends 3 & 4 holding James Sarjeant at bay. James Sarjeant fell on bend 2 of the 2nd lap but he quickly re-mounts and continues the race. Jason Garritty fell on bend 3 of lap 3 and doesn’t get up in time to prevent the race from being stopped, Jason Garritty is disqualified as the cause of the stoppage and the race is awarded. Another 5-1 to the Brummies!

Result:   5-1 (31-23)
Lambert: Starke: Sarjeant: Garritty f/x

Heat 10.
Chris Harris first away from the tapes and leads into bend 1, Adam Skornicki in 2nd, Kenneth Hansen in 3rd and Ben Barker in 4th. Adam Skornicki made light work of passing Chris Harris on the back straight, no further position changes for the rest of the race. Ben never recovered from his poor start and trailed at the back for the entire race.

Result: 3-3 (34-26)
Skornicki: Harris: Hansen: Barker

Heat 11.
Kyle Howarth, Hans Andersen, Edward Kennett, D King the positions entering the 1st bend but Danny King fell on the outside on bend 1, the race was stopped and all 4 riders back.
This time Hans Andersen, Edward Kennett, Kyle Howarth, Danny King into the 1st bend, Kyle Howarth took the bend very wide and Danny King from the outside gate had nowhere to go but fall again!
Race stopped and all 4 riders back for the re-start.
Heat 11 take 3 (after the interval)
The Bees, Kyle Howarth and Hans Andersen with their best starts of the evening lead into the 1st bend with Danny King in 3rd and Edward Kennett in 4th. Danny King rode like a demon possessed behind Hans Andersen and is rewarded for his efforts on the home straight of lap 2 as he claimed the 2nd place spot. The race continued without further changes and Edward Kennett is well off the pace at the back by the end of the race.

Result:   2-4 (36-30)
Howarth: King: Andersen: Kennett

Heat 12.
Adam Skornicki, Ryan Fisher, James Sarjeant and Simon Lambert the race positions into the 1st bend. Ryan Fisher passes Adam Skornicki on the back straight and that was that!
Adam Skornicki rode very hard for the entire race but wasn’t able to make any impression on Ryan Fisher’s lead. Another 4-2 to Coventry and they are clawing their way back into the meeting!

Result:    2-4 (38-34)
Fisher: Skornicki: Sarjeant: Lambert

Heat 13.
Edward Kennett gates well and leads into the 1st bend, followed by Hans Andersen, Ben Barker and Chris Harris. However, Chris Harris has more momentum into the 2nd bend and passes Ben Barker.
Chris Harris’s momentum didn’t leave him as both he and Hans Andersen pass Edward Kennett on the back straight of lap 1. Edward Kennett stayed in contention and succeeded in getting past Chris Harris on the 4th bend of lap 1. Damage limitation in Brummies re-gaining 2nd place but… the 3rd 4-2 score on the trot to Coventry and the now 2 point Brummies lead is looking very precarious!

Result:    2-4 (40-38)
Andersen: Kennett: Harris: Barker

Heat 14.
James Sarjeant replaces Jason Garritty in a reserve change.
Kyle Howarth, Daniel Nermark, Paul Starke and James Sarjeant from the tapes and also the result of the heat that had a well strung out field of riders by the end of the race. Another shared heat and with just 2 points separating the teams it could go either way.

Result:   3-3 (43-41)
Howarth: Nermark: Starke: Sarjeant

Heat 15.
Nominated riders: Adam Skornicki: Danny King: Hans Andersen: Kyle Howarth
Adam Skornicki who has been looking very good all evening gates in 1st place with Hans Andersen in 2nd, Danny King in 3rd and Kyle Howarth in 4th. Hans Andersen passes Adam Skornicki into 1st place on the back straight. The next couple of laps has Adam Skornicki and Danny King trading place with each other as they team ride in 2nd and 3rd places to prevent Kyle Howarth having a chance of coming between them, although in all honesty Howarth was too far back to be in race contention. The race concluded with the 7th shared heat of the meeting and secured the Brummies a much needed 1st win of the season!

Result:    3-3 (46-44)
Andersen: King: Skornicki: Howarth

Meeting summary
That was a nail-biting match to be sure! Either team could have been victorious; I’m just extremely pleased it was the Brummies. Coventry take a consolation 1 point from the meeting, and I would have to say it was thoroughly deserved.
Dropping down the order seems to have done the trick for Danny King with a score of 11 from 5 rides, although the No.1 spot didn’t do Ben Barker any favours.
It’s also very reassuring to see the reserves Simon Lambert and Paul Starke scoring steadily with a total of 11 points between them.
And finally, Adam Skornicki, truly brilliant, our new No.1 before long… just hope our No.1 spot isn’t jinxed


Sheila Bowen

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