Brummies owner Alan Phillips issues stark warning

(First paragraph is from Commercial Manager Joe)
Good morning everyone.

What follows will be of great concern to all of us. I can assure everyone is not an invented media story. As you will read, and I can confirm knowing everything, the current huge losses for this year, on top of massive losses last year, will not and cannot continue. Starting from next Wednesday, with all my passion and committment to the Brummies that many of you will be aware of, can I urge you to please come to the match and bring your friends and family to see our fantastic team in action. We are a Birmingham sports team that actually wins! Not only please come to the Poole match, but I urge everyone to support two of the matches in July which are going to be promoted (of the kind that have packed the Stadium in the past) in an effort to turn it around. Please do everything to help us keep this great sport in Birmingham.

Birmingham Brummies owner Alan Phillips has issued a stark warning over recent attendance figures at Perry Barr.

The Selco Brummies are second in the Elite League table and in a very strong position to reach the play-offs – and they have an entertaining, predominantly British-based team.

Yet Philips says the success on-track is not matched by terrace support, with home crowds of late except for the local derby against Wolverhampton proving to be a major concern.

Phillips said: “We are victims of our own success.

‘‘We are piling up the points and winning meetings, but we are paying a big wage bill in comparison to revenue at the turnstiles. Quite simply, while I applaud and appreciate our hardcore of support we are not getting enough additional support from the public.

‘‘We deserve bigger numbers on the terraces and, quite frankly, it’s a negative at the moment in what has been a successful season on the track.

“I find it disheartening because we have delivered what we said we would – a winning and successful team.

“I’d love to know where the 6,000 people have gone who were at Perry Barr for the re-opening night back in 2007.

‘‘I would love to know where all the support is from our 15 to 25 year olds, who have never experienced the sheer exhilaration and danger of speedway.

“We have done what we set out to do when we bought the club. We have brought success to Perry Barr, but it’s at a cost and that’s a cost which cannot continue.

“It is simply not sustainable and it would be so sad if this great sport was lost to apathy.

“All the lads are buzzing, the team spirit is fantastic and I believe we have the potential to reach the final and win the league title.

‘‘We have given Birmingham, the country’s second city, a team to be proud of, a top winning team. When was the last time that could be said of any major sport in this city?”

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