Brummies v Belle Vue Aces 11/6/14 Heat By Heat

pulsating bWhat a beautiful evening! Lovely and warm, a light breeze and not a hint of the dreaded ‘R’ word!
It was announced that the start was to be delayed by about 15 minutes due to traffic, not sure if it’s riders that were being held up or fans! But by the time the meeting started all 14 riders were there and so too a fairly decent crowd, so… mission accomplished!
Both teams are at full strength for what looks like being a close fought meeting, I hope the Brummies can pull the Ace card out of the pack and finally get the full house!

On with the meeting…

Brummies win the toss and choose gates 1 & 3 for heat 1.

Heat 1.
Really tight into the 1st bend but Daniel Nermark just in front, Bartosz Zmarzlik is edged out into last place by Matej Zagar and Richie Worrall respectively as they exit the 2nd bend.
Matej Zagar gave chase behind Daniel Nermark but never looked like catching him. The race progressed without any changes and Bartosz at the back never got back into the race.

Result: 3-3 (3-3)
Nermark, Zagar, Worrall, Zmarzlik
Heat 2.
Simon Lambert had a superb gate and led into the 1st bend with Stefan Nielsen in 2nd, Paul Starke in 3rd and Lee Payne in 4th. Stefan Nielsen chased hard behind Simon Lambert and successfully passed him on the home straight at the end of the 1st lap. Simon Lambert managed to keep up but Nielsen never looked troubled. Lee Payne was well off the pace at the back and just to add to his woes he fell on the 4th bend of the last lap. Another shared heat.

Result: 3-3 (6-6)
Nielsen, Lambert, Starke (Payne fell)
Heat 3.
Another tight 1st bend, but Danny King and Ben Barker came out of bend 2 in 1st and 2nd place, with Scott Nicholls and Craig Cook in 3rd and 4th.
Scott Nicholls clung onto Ben’s back wheel for most of the race but couldn’t find a way through.
A fine 5-1 and a slender lead. cla cla

Result: 5-1 (11-7)
King, Barker, Nicholls, Cook
Heat 4.
Richie Worrall, Nico Covatti, Stefan Nielsen and Paul Starke the positions into the 1st bend.
Stefan Nielsen was wheel to wheel with Nico Covatti down the back straight and into the 3rd bend, his inevitable pass taking place out of bend 4 of lap 1. Nielsen had a serious wobble on bend 4 on lap 3 and then went very wide out of bend 4 of the final lap, but on both occasions Covatti was too far back to take any advantage of these minor errors. Worrall meanwhile was racing ahead and conversely Paul Starke was firmly at the back!
A reverse of the last race and all square again! saddi1234

Result: 1-5 (12-12)
Worrall, Nielsen, Covatti, Starke

Heat 5.
Scott Nicholls with a fine start led into the 1st bend, followed by Bartosz Zmarzlik, Ben Barker and Michael Palm Toft. Bartosz Zmarzlik passed Ben Barker down the back straight of the 1st lap; Ben took 2nd place back a few wheel turns later. Ben and Bartosz traded places with each other over the next lap with Ben eventually taking up 2nd place for the rest of the race. Scott Nicholls by this time had built up an unassailable lead. Yet another shared heat.

Result: 3-3 (15-15)
Nicholls, Barker, Zmarzlik, Palm Toft
Heat 6.
Into the 1st bend, Matej Zagar, Danny King, Craig Cook and Nico Covatti the race positions. A tussle between Danny King and Craig Cook with Cook momentarily taking 2nd place only for Danny King to reclaim it. Cook tried in vain to reclaim the place but Danny King clung on and took up the challenge to try passing Matej Zagar, Danny covered just about every inch of the track but unfortunately failed. Meanwhile Nico Covatti was completely off the pace in last place. saddi1234

Result: 2-4 (17-19)
Zagar, King, Cook, Covatti

This time last week the racing was held up due to rain, tonight… would you believe it… we are having a short break due to the sun!

Short break over, the sun now lurking behind a cloud and the racing re-starts.
Heat 7.
Daniel Nermark with a fine start leads the race into the 1st bend, Michael Palm Toft in 2nd, Simon Lambert in 3rd, Lee Payne in 4th. Simon Lambert edges in front of Palm Toft who immediately reclaims the position. Lee Payne is looking completely out of the race and falls while in last place on the 2nd bend of the 2nd lap. The referee puts the red light on to stop the race just prior to the rest of the pack starting the 3rd lap and consequently the race to be re-run with the exclusion of Lee Payne.

Simon Lambert gates well, but it is Daniel Nermark in 1st place at the 1st bend, Simon Lambert in 2nd, Michael Palm Toft in 3rd.
Simon Lambert passes Daniel Nermark on the back straight of the 1st lap. Daniel Nermark then shows a fine display of teamwork riding behind Simon Lambert and holding back the challenge from Michael Palm Toft who finally passes Daniel Nermark on the 2nd bend of lap 2 only for Nermark to take 2nd place back on the back straight of lap 3. A superb win by Lambert and fantastic team riding from Nermark to secure another 5-1 and reclaim the lead in the match.
brumscarf brumscarf brumscarf

Result: 5-1 (22-20)
Lambert, Nermark, Palm Toft, (Payne F/X)
Heat 8.
Scott Nicholls delayed the start of the race by getting off his bike and ‘grooming’ his start position much to the annoyance of the Start Marshall and Nico Covatti!
Race finally started, and into bend 1… Danny King, Richie Worrall, Nico Covatti and Scott Nicholls the positions. Scott Nicholls fell as he exited the 1st bend and the race stopped. Nicholls excluded from re-run

Richie Worrall, Nico Covatti, Danny King the 1 to 3 into the first bend, but as they enter the 2nd bend Covatti and King pass Worrall one on each side to take the lead down the back straight.
Worrall had no answer to this pass and the Brummies completed the race to take another fine 5-1. cla

Result: 5-1 (27-21)
Covatti, King, Worrall (Nicholls F/X)

Heat 9.
Paul Starke in 1st, Simon Lambert in 2nd, Stefan Nielsen in 3rd and Lee Payne in 4th as they enter the 1st bend, unfortunately Paul Starke appeared to ‘lock up’, did a 360 degree pirouette on the spot and was dumped unceremoniously onto the track, the race was stopped and Starke excluded from the re-run, but thankfully quickly up on his feet.

Simon Lambert, Stefan Nielsen and Lee Payne the 1,2,3 into bend 1, but Nielsen quickly passed his team-mate into bend 2 and then completed his last to first place by passing Simon Lambert on the back straight. No further changes and a well strung out field by the end of the race.

Result: 2-4 (29-25)
Nielsen, Lambert, Payne (Starke F/X)
Heat 10.
Bartosz Zmarzlik made a fine start and led into the 1st bend, closely followed by Daniel Nermark, Craig Cook and Scott Nicholls. Scott Nicholls succeeded in passing his team-mate on the back straight of the 1st lap and then gave chase behind Daniel Nermark. Daniel managed to hold him off for the next two laps but finally succumbed as Nicholls eased in front of him out of the 2nd bend of the final lap.

Result: 4-2 (33-27)
Zmarzlik, Nicholls, Nermark, Cook
Heat 11.
Superb gates from the Brummie pair as Ben Barker and Danny King hold 1st and 2nd place into the 1st bend with Matej Zagar and Michael Palm Toft in 3rd and 4th. But a fine move from Zagar to pass both Brummies on the inside on bend 2 and take the lead down the back straight. Barker and King chased hard for the rest of the race but made no impression on the lead, Danny King passed Ben Barker on the back straight of the final lap.

Result: 3-3 (36-30)
Zagar, King, Barker, Palm Toft
Heat 12.
Simon Lambert reserve change for Paul Starke.
Simon Lambert was first out of the gate but by the time the riders were exiting the 2nd bend he was in last place as he was headed by Richie Worrall, Daniel Nermark and Stefan Nielsen down the back straight of the 1st lap. Daniel Nermark couldn’t make up any ground on Richie Worrall’s lead and the race concluded without any further changes. The Aces have eroded the Brummies lead to just 4 points! cryer1

Result: 2-4 (38-34)
Worrall, Nermark, Nielsen, Lambert
Heat 13.
Brilliant gate from Ben Barker as he leads into bend 1 with Matej Zagar, Bartosz Zmarzlik and Craig Cook trailing in his wake. Craig Cook relegates Bartosz Zmarzlik into last place as he passes him out of bend 2. The Belle Vue duo then team ride to keep Bartosz at bay. Craig Cook passes Matej Zagar on the back straight of lap 3 and Matej Zagar reclaims 2nd place out of bend 4 of the last lap with Bartosz making a last ditch charge to improve his position as they race towards the finish, a feat he may well have accomplished had he not reared up and nearly fell off the back of his bike in his last ditch attempt to pass Cook on the line. A superb race if not the desired result! clap1

Result: 3-3 (41-37)
Barker, Zagar, Cook, Zmarzlik
Heat 14.
Paul Starke reserve change for Simon Lambert.
Paul Starke out of the start like a rocket and 1st into bend 1, Michael Palm Toft in 2nd, Stefan Nielsen in 3rd and Nico Covatti in 4th, but not for long… as Covatti races past Nielsen into 3rd place on the back straight.
Paul Starke, rides the race of his life holding off the challenge of Palm Toft who momentarily gets his wheel in front on a couple of occasions only for Paul to edge back in front before finally pulling away to win what was most definitely the best race of the entire night! A fantastic race from Paul and a fantastic 4-2 to secure the meeting win. clap1 clap1

Result: 4-2 (45-39)
Starke, Palm Toft, Covatti, Nielsen
Heat 15.
Nominated riders: Danny King, Ben Barker, Matej Zagar, Scott Nicholls.

Matej Zagar has the better gate and leads into bend 1 with Danny King in 2nd, Ben Barker in 3rd and Scott Nicholls in 4th, but as they exit the 2nd bend both Danny King and Ben Barker ride inside Matej Zagar. The Brummie pair cheered on by an ecstatic crowd made no mistakes to hold onto their 5-1, with the only change being Ben Barker passing Danny King on lap 2.
A truly brilliant 5-1! cla cla

Result: 5-1 (50-40)
Barker, King, Zagar, Nicholls
Meeting summary:
What can I say? A fantastic win! The whole team pulled together to achieve the win, but I’m really going to give praise to our reserves tonight, Simon Lambert scoring a fine 7 points, I’m sure he is well pleased with that… and Paul Starke, 4 points… nothing too amazing about that you might say, except 3 of them were scored in heat 14 and, in my opinion, probably the most import 3 points he has scored as a Brummie!
Never more than 6 points separating the two teams, it could have gone either way, and if I’m honest, when the lead had been narrowed to just 4 points I was beginning to fear the worst. But true grit and determination in the final two races not only saw us past the winning post but also secured all 3 points! And wait for it… at long last…We are off the bottom of the table!!

Sheila Bowen

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