Brummies V Eagles 21/05/14 Heat By Heat

bruihereWhat a glorious evening… 21 degrees C, the lightest of breezes and beautiful sunshine… remember the date folks… our summer took place on 21st May this year!


On with the meeting…
Nick Morris is our guest rider in place of injured Adam Skornicki, Nick gave a reasonable account of himself as guest at our away match at Belle Vue on Monday but we’re sure going to miss Adam, hope he’s not out for too long.
Our visitors tonight the Eastbourne Eagles are currently in 4th place in the league so they won’t be a push over. Not sure if it’s the fine weather that is making me a tad more optimistic than usual but I really fancy we might just scrape a win tonight.

Brummies off gates 1 & 3 for heat 1.


Heat 1.
Bjarne Pedersen jumped the start, race stopped, all 4 back.
Timo Lahti, Bjarne Pedersen, Danny King, Nico Covatti the positions into the 1st bend, but Timo Lahti appeared to lose grip as he entered the 2nd bend and Bjarne Pedersen, Danny and Nico passed him with ease. And that was it, no changes for the rest of the race and a shared heat the result.


Result: 3-3
Pedersen, King, Covatti, Lahti
Heat 2.
Paul Starke made a superb gate and led into the 1st bend, followed by Simon Lambert, Lewis Blackbird and Daniel Halsey. Lewis Blackbird raced hard behind Simon Lambert and successfully made the pass out of the 2nd bend of lap 3. Meanwhile, Paul Starke was building up a sizable lead at the front for a comfortable win. clap1 clap1

Result: 4-2 (7-5)
Starke, Blackbird, Lambert, Halsey
Heat 3.
Everyone was edging back and forth at the start of the heat and unfortunately Nick Morris, a bit too erratic on the forth… broke the tapes resulting in a 15 metre handicap for the re-run.


Steve Worrall in 1st, Ben Barker in 2nd, Joonas Kylmakorpi in 3rd and Nick Morris in 4th going into the 1st bend. Ben Barker roared past Steve Worrall to take the lead down the back straight, and just as it looked like Ben was seeing off the challenge from Steve Worrall, Joonas Kylmakorpi fell on the 2nd bend of lap 2, the race was stopped and Joonas Kylmakorpi after a short while was up on his feet and walking back to the pits but was excluded from the re-run as the cause of the stoppage.


Re-run 2
Steve Worrall again 1st into the bend 1, followed by Ben Barker and Nick Morris. Steve Worrall made no mistakes this time and led from start to finish, Ben covered most of the track trying to find a way to pass, but it never really looked likely.


Result: 3-3 (10-8)
Worrall, Barker, Morris (Joonas Kylmakorpi fell/excluded)
Heat 4.
From the gate; Daniel Nermark, Timo Lahti, Paul Starke and Daniel Halsey and despite some gutsy racing from Paul Starke this was also the result of the heat. Daniel Halsey was completely out of touch at the back for the entire race.


Result: 4-2 (14-10)
Nermark, Lahti, Starke, Halsey
Heat 5.
Steve Worrall with some sharp gating led into the 1st bend, Danny King 2nd, Nick Morris 3rd and Cameron Woodward 4th. Danny King stormed past Steve Worrall on the back straight. Nick Morris took up the chase behind Steve Worrall and as they entered the 3rd bend of lap 1 he pulled level with Worrall and as they raced down the home straight for the start of lap 2 he had completed the task to put the Brummies into 1st and second which they held for the rest of the heat. A fine 5-1 to the Brummies! brumscarf brumscarf brumscarf


Result: 5-1 (19-11)
King, Morris, Worrall, Woodward
Heat 6.
Closely fought 1st bend with Ben Barker in 1st, Daniel Nermark in 2nd and Joonas Kylmakorpi in 3rd exiting the 2nd bend… while in last place Bjarne Pedersen lost control between bend 1 and 2 and fell, the race was stopped, Bjarne Pedersen was excluded from the re-run.


Joonas Kylmakorpi had a much better start this time and led into the 1st bend with Ben Barker in 2nd and Daniel Nermark in 3rd. Ben Barker roared around the outside to take the lead on the back straight, Daniel Nermark wasn’t hanging around either and he too succeeded in passing Joonas Kylmakorpi on the 3rd bend of lap 1. By the end of the race Ben Barker had built up a respectable lead. Another 5-1 for a commanding 12 point lead!

Result: 5-1 (24-12)
Barker, Nermark, Kylmakorpi (Bjarne Pedersen fell/excluded)
Heat 7.
The problem with a commanding lead is… more than 10 points behind and the Eagles have the Tactical Ride option available to them, an option taken with Cameron Woodward sporting the black and white helmet for potential double points.
Cameron Woodward left the gate in supersonic mode and led into bend 1, followed by Nico Covatti, Lewis Blackbird and Simon Lambert, but as Lewis Blackbird entered the 2nd bend he had a bit of a wobble and Simon Lambert successfully passed him to take up 3rd place behind Covatti. The race concluded without any further changes and the magical black and white helmet giving Woodward the desired double points!


Result: 3-6 (27-18)
Woodward, Covatti, Lambert, Blackbird
Heat 8.
Timo Lahti, Daniel Nermark, Ben Barker, Steve Worrall the race positions into bend 1, Daniel Nermark passed Timo Lahti out of bend 2, a few wheel turns later Lahti re-took the lead only for Daniel Nermark to immediately take it from him again, I was scorching holes in my note pad trying to keep up with the lead exchanges between Lahti and Nermark as virtually every bend for two laps saw a change in their positions! Daniel finally had the lead down the back straight of the last lap, and… just when I thought we were heading for an extremely acceptable 4-2 score… Ben Barker stormed into action on the 3rd bend of the last lap, making a phenomenal pass on Lahti to take 2nd place as they crossed the line!
WHAT A RACE! This is speedway at its best! brumscarf brumscarf clap1 clap1 brumscarf brumscarf


Result: 5-1 (32-19)
Nermark, Barker, Lahti, Worrall
Heat 9.
From the gate Lewis Blackbird in 1st, Paul Starke in 2nd, Simon Lambert in 3rd and Daniel Halsey in 4th, Paul Starke tried hard to make some sort of impression on Lewis Blackbird but eventually lost touch and the race concluded exactly as it had started.


Result: 3-3 (35-22)
Blackbird, Starke, Lambert, Halsey
Heat 10.
Joonas Kylmakorpi was due to ride in this race but was withdrawn from the meeting following a hand injury from his fall in heat 3.
Now it is at this point I will attempt to explain to the uninitiated one of the complex rules that govern our wonderful sport, if you’d rather not know, shut your eyes and skip the next sentence!
Under last year’s rules a rider that is withdrawn from a meeting could only have his remaining rides taken by a reserve rider, but this year it’s changed… new rule… if a rider is withdrawn from a meeting due to injury his remaining rides can be taken by any rider in the team with an average lower than the injured rider.
Right… rule book tucked away… on with the race.
Cameron Woodward replaces the injured Joonas Kylmakorpi.
The Eagles duo Cameron Woodward and Steve Worrall enter the 1st bend in positions 1 and 2, Danny King and Nico Covatti in 3 and 4. Woodward and Worrall exchange place as the exit bend 2. The Eagles look to be in a fairly comfortable position until Danny King storms past Worrall on the back straight of the 2nd lap and then continues his charge to pass Woodward and take the lead on bend 3 of the same lap. Meanwhile Nico Covatti riding like a man possessed for two laps roars up the inside of Worrall on the last bend of the last lap into 3rd place. Steve Worrall riding very wide out of the last bend collides with fence on the home straight and falls just before the finish line, thankfully up on his feet fairly quickly.


Result: 4-2 (39-24)
King, Woodward, Covatti (Worrall fell)
Heat 11.
The Eagles utilise their 2nd Tactical Ride and Bjarne Pedersen is elected to wear the black & white helmet.
Bjarne Pedersen out of the gate like a rocket (this black & white helmet really does work!) and holds 1st place into bend 1, followed by his team-mate Cameron Woodward in 2nd, with Nick Morris and Ben Barker in 3rd and 4th. Nick and Ben appear to be getting in each other’s way for a couple of laps, exchanging 3rd and 4th place but making no impression on the Eagles at the front. Ben Barker finally takes up the challenge behind Cameron Woodward and succeeds in passing him to take up 2nd place on the back straight of the 3rd lap. At last Ben seems to have of the power back he has been lacking in recent matches, but with only 1 lap left Bjarne Pedersen has achieved an unassailable lead to take the full 6 point advantage of his tactical ride.


Result: 2-7 (41-31)
Pedersen, Barker, Woodward, Morris
Heat 12.
Lewis Blackbird replaces Daniel Halsey.
Timo Lahti, Paul Starke, Lewis Blackbird, Nico Covatti the race positions into bend 1, Nico Covatti speeds around the outside to pass Blackbird and Starke down the back straight while Starke drops back into last place. Covatti not content with 2nd place races wheel to wheel with Lahti round bends 3 and 4 and takes the lead down the home straight at the end of lap 1.
While watching the action up front I fail to notice that Paul Starke has got past Blackbird, but now more importantly he is making a gallant charge behind Timo Lahti, challenging up the inside on the 1st and 2nd bends of lap 2 and finally making a superb pass on the inside on bend 2 of the last lap. A truly brilliant 5-1!


Result: 5-1 (46-32)
Covatti, Starke, Lahti, Blackbird
Heat 13.
Bjarne Pedersen leads into bend 1, Timo Lahti in 2nd, N Morris in 3rd and Danny King having been somewhat hampered by Nick Morris taking his line is forced to drop back into 4th place.
The positions remain unchanged until Nick Morris passes Timo Lahti on the 1st bend of lap 2 only for Lahti to take it back as they exit bend 2. Nick Morris keeps up the pressure and his reward is to re-take 2nd place on bend 2 of the 3rd lap and despite Lahti making every attempt to pass again Morris manages to hold 2nd place.


Result: 2-4 (48-36)
Pedersen, Morris, Lahti, King
Heat 14.
Daniel Nermark gated into 1st place on bend 1, Lewis Blackbird and Cameron Woodward in 2nd and 3rd, with Simon Lambert in 4th place. The Eagles flew (forgive the pun) around Daniel Nermark out of bend 2 like he was standing still, once in 1st and 2nd place the Eagles took total command of the race opening a very respectable lead over Daniel Nermark while Simon Lambert looked woefully out of depth by the end of the race. saddi1234


Result: 1-5 (49-41)
Blackbird, Woodward, Nermark, Lambert
Heat 15.
Nominated riders: Danny King: Ben Barker: Bjarne Pedersen: Cameron Woodward
Eagles off gates 1 and 3
Bjarne Pedersen once again fast out of the gate into 1st place at bend 1, 2nd place Danny King, 3rd Cameron Woodward and Ben Barker in 4th.
Cameron Woodward passed Danny King into 2nd place on the back straight and Ben Barker relegated Danny King into last place. The worst case scenario from a Brummies point of view… but Ben has other ideas… he successfully passes Woodward on bend 3 of the 2nd lap to give chase behind Bjarne Pedersen, and riding the outside line in true Ben Barker style he catches Pedersen on the 3rd bend of the last lap, rides the boards out of the last bend and crosses the line in 1st place!
Fingers in ears everyone, I’m going to shout… [size=18pt][size=14pt]BEN IS BACK!


Result: 3-3 (51-44)
Barker, Pedersen, Woodward, King
Meeting summary:
What a meeting that was! Heat 8 and Heat 15 the highlights of the season so far and Ben involved in both of them!
Heat 8 important to re-establish a healthy lead after Eastbourne had scored double with their tactical ride in the previous heat.
Heat 15 was crucial to prevent the Eastbourne taking a point out of our extremely hard fought match.
The whole team pulled together to ensure the Eagles flew back home pointless, but special mention just has to go to Ben, he rides his socks off week after week and just seems to miss out, tonight though… heaven knows what he did… but the WOW factor is back, he was named rider of the night, and rightly so… well done Ben!
It might have been dark as I left the stadium but in my head and heart the sun was still shining brightly.


Sheila Bowen

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