Brummies V Eagles 24/07/13 heat by heat

SUPBRUSheila Bowen:

A warm 22 degrees, blue sky, fluffy white clouds… it’s a joy to be outdoors on a night like tonight!

And even more joyful that a 3 point win tonight will put us at No.1 in the league, but better not get too optimistic.

Last time the Eagles flew into Perry Barr in May they were well and truly beaten 62-31, they’ve had a few rider changes since then and I’d expect a much closer score line this time.

Perry Barr Stadium was absolutely heaving… It’s been a long, long time since I’ve seen it so full!

Adam Roynan had a bike on display and he and Chris Simpson gave some very informative details and aspects to speedway bikes and their upkeep.

The bumper crowd were also entertained by the Royal Air Force Air Training Corps band.


On with the meeting…

Eastbourne are operating rider replacement for Lukas Drymll and Kyle Newman is a guest replacement at No.7 for Denis Gizatullin who is riding in Russia.


Brummies off gates 2 and 4 for heat 1.


Heat 1.

Kim Nilsson takes the rider replacement ride in place of Lukas Drymll.

Bjarne Pedersen and Kim Nilsson have superb gates and are in 1st and 2nd into the first bend with Jason Doyle and Martin Smolinski trailing in 3rd and 4th. As they exit the 2nd bend Jason turns up the power and passes Nilsson and Pedersen on the back straight of lap 1. No further changes in race positions for the remainder of the race with Martin seeming to be going backwards, and judging by the number of times he kept looking down it would appear he had some issues with his bike.


Result 3-3


Doyle, Pedersen, Nilsson, Smolinski


Heat 2.

Into bend 1, Nico Covatti, Timo Lahti, Kyle Newman and Josh Auty the 1 to 4, but not for long… Josh picks up some grip as he exits the 2nd bend and passes both Newman and Lahti to move into 2nd place behind Nico. Once in a 5-1 position they made no mistakes and held it for the next 3 laps, Nico having opened up a sizeable lead by the end of the race.  brumscarf  brumscarf


Result 5-1   (8-4)


Covatti, Auty, Lahti, Newman


Heat 3.

Simon Gustafsson first out the tapes and 1st into bend 1, Ben Barker hot on his heels in 2nd, Kim Nilsson in 3rd, and Danny King having been pushed out wide from the outside gate found himself a little too close to the fence and in last place! The race continued without any position changes with Danny looking very jaded indeed! A 4-2 to the Eagles.  saddi1234


Result   2-4   (10-8)


Gustafsson, Barker, Nilsson, King


Heat 4.

For the fourth time in the meeting we are totally outgated by the Eagles as Cameron Woodward and   Kyle Newman are the 1st and 2nd into bend Chris Harris and Josh Auty in 3rd and 4th. The Brummie duo successfully pass Newman on the back straight of lap 1 and Chris chases hard behind Woodward, but then… woe is me… Chris appeared to have bike problems as he exited the 3rd bend of lap 2 and is passed by Josh Auty, things go from bad to worse as he pulls up on bend 2 of lap 3 allowing Newman to take up 3rd place. Chris manages to re-kindle his bike but regretfully he limps home in last place. Another 4-2 advantage to the Eagles and the meeting scores are level.



Result 2-4   (12-12)


Woodward, Auty, Newman, Harris


Heat 5.

Simon Gustafsson rider replacement for Lukas Drymll.

Danny King, Simon Gustafsson, Ben Barker and Bjarne Pedersen the race order into the 1st band. But as they exit the 2nd bend Bjarne Pedersen storms around the outside to pass Ben and Simon Gustafsson in one swoop into 2nd place and simultaneously Ben passes Gustafsson to take up 3rd place. Things didn’t get any better for Gustafsson as his bike ground to a halt on the back straight of lap 4; he did however manage to coax it over the line to finish the race. A 4-2 result to retake a slender lead.  clap1


Result   4-2   (16-14)


King, Pedersen, Barker, Gustafsson


Heat 6.

Martin Smolinski had a flyer from the tapes… the referee stopped the race… all 4 back for the rerun.

Re-run: Cameron Woodward in 1st, Jason Doyle in 2nd, Timo Lahti in 3rd and Martin Smolinski this time failing at the gate completely in 4th as the race enters the 2nd bend. Timo Lahti passes Jason Doyle on the back straight and just as it looked like the Eagles were on for their first 5-1 Martin Smolinski roars into 2nd place on the back straight of lap 3, splitting the Eagles riders, but with the race advantage 4-2 to Eastbourne the match is all square once again.  saddi1234


Result   2-4   (18-18)


Woodward, Smolinski, Lahti, Doyle


Heat 7.

Great start from Chris Harris as he leads into bend 1, closely followed by Simon Gustafsson in 2nd, Nico Covatti in 3rd and Kim Nilsson in 4th. Nico Covatti edges past Simon Gustafsson on the back straight of lap 1. Despite racing hard for the entire race Simon Gustafsson he makes no impression on the race order and the Brummies take their 2nd 5-1 of the night, and more importantly a 4 point lead!

brumscarf  brumscarf  brumscarf


Result   5-1   (23-19)


Harris, Covatti, Gustafsson, Nilsson


Heat 8.

Nico Covatti reserve change in place of Josh Auty and Timo Lahti rider replacement for Lukas Drymll.

Nico Covatti, Martin Smolinski the 1st and 2nd and Timo Lahti, Kyle Newman the 3rd and 4th as the head out of the second bend. Nico Covatti and Martin Smolinski then proceeded with a fine display of team riding with Nico riding the outside line and Martin the inside while constantly checking were the opposition was, not a problem though… they were way back! A fine 5-1 and a healthier lead.

brumscarf  brumscarf  brumscarf


Result   5-1   (28-20)


Covatti, Smolinski, Lahti, Newman


Heat 9.

From the tapes Ben Barker, Cameron Woodward, Danny King and Timo Lahti the race order, Danny King pushed hard behind Woodward for the entire race but all to no avail, the race ended exactly as it started.


Result   4-2   (32-22)


Barker, Woodward, King, Lahti


Heat 10.

Martin Smolinski, Jason Doyle, Kim Nilsson, Simon Gustafsson the race order into the 1st bend and just like heat 8 the Brummie pair team rode for the entire race leaving the Eagles to pick up the solitary point.

Martin took his celebratory lap with mike in hand chatting away and thanking the fans for their support!  clap1  clap1  clap1


Result   5-1   (37-23)


Smolinski, Doyle, Nilsson, Gustafsson


Heat 11.

Cameron Woodward to take rider replacement ride for Lukas Drymll and also the black and white helmet as his team are more than 10 points behind.

Into bend 1 Bjarne Pedersen, Chris Harris, Cameron Woodward and Nico Covatti the race positions into bend 1, Cameron Woodward charges to the front out of bend 2.

Chris Harris stayed on the pace behind Pedersen and totally ‘went for it’ from the 2nd bend of the 2nd lap, full throttle around the outside of bend 3, charged down the home straight and stormed around both eagles riders on bend 3 of the 3rd lap! An awesome ride… the fans roared with delight!

The visitors still had the heat win, but damage limitation as a potential 8-1 was averted.  clap1  clap1


Result   3-5   (40-28)


Harris, Woodward, Pedersen, Covatti


Heat 12.

The Eagles still 12 points behind elect Simon Gustafsson to take the second black and white helmet tactical ride of the night.

Timo Lahti, Danny King, Simon Gustafsson and Josh Auty the race order into the 1st bend, Danny King passes Timo Lahti on the back straight for the race lead, 3 laps of fine team riding then followed from the Eagles duo as they blocked every move by Josh to overtake. Timo Lahti eased off as he exited the final bend to allow Simon Gustafsson to come through for 4 points.


Result   3-5   (43-33)


King, Gustafsson, Lahti, Auty


Heat 13.

All started well… Bjarne Pedersen, Jason Doyle, Chris Harris, and Cameron Woodward the race order into bend 1. Then… clouds of dust from a rapidly drying track, as the dust settled and the riders were identifiable again Cameron Woodward had passed Chris Harris, a lap later and loads more dust… visibility restored and now Cameron Woodward was in first place, Bjarne Pedersen in 2nd Chris Harris in 3rd and Jason Doyle in last place, I can’t say with any certainty where or when all these manoeuvres happened… only that they did!

But vision was perfectly clear on bend 3 of lap 3 where an over exuberant Chris Harris tried a last ditch attempt to pass Bjarne Pedersen on the inside, and Pedersen fell, the race was immediately stopped, the referee with the power of action replay judged that Chris was the cause of the stoppage and excluded him from the race and awarded the race as the Eagles 1st and 2nd positions prior to the fall, with Jason taking the 1 point for the Brummies. The Eagles first 5-1 of the night, but worse still the 14 point lead we had at the end of heat 10 has been reduced to just 6.  saddi1234  saddi1234


Result 1-5   (44-38)


Woodward, Pedersen, Doyle (Harris excluded)


Heat 14.

Timo Lahti reserve replacement for Kyle Newman.

For the umpteenth time in the meeting the Eagles gated in style, Timo Lahti and Kim Nilsson in 1st and 2nd into the 1st bend, Ben Barker and Nico Covatti in 3rd and 4th. Out of bend 2 Lahti and Nilsson had exchanged places. Ben Barker rode his socks off for 4 laps, taking every line possible in an attempt to get past Lahti, but the excellent team riding from the Eagles pair blocked his every move and he remained in 3rd place for the whole race. Things are getting serious now! Another 5-1 to the Eagles, a lead of just 2 points and a last heat decider, if I wasn’t furiously writing these notes I’d definitely be chewing my nails right now!



Result   1-5   (45-43)


Nilsson, Lahti, Barker, Covatti


Heat 15.

Nominated riders: Martin Smolinski, Chris Harris, Bjarne Pedersen, Cameron Woodward

Brummies to take gates 1 and 3

Martin Smolinski out the gate like a rocket to take 1st into bend 1, Bjarne Pedersen in 2nd, Cameron Woodward in 3rd and Chris Harris in 4th. These positions continued until the home straight at the start of lap 3 where Chris Harris edged past Cameron Woodward, but all to no avail as Woodward promptly regained the position on the 2nd bend of the same lap.

I’ve never been so pleased to see a race end… Martin’s race win securing the match!  brumscarf  clap1  brumscarf  clap1


Result   3-3   (48-46)


Meeting summary

I’m really struggling to find the right words to sum up the meeting… my crystal ball has gone as murky as the track in heat 13… at the start of the meeting it was confident that all 3 points would be ours, the No.1 spot in the league would be ours… now is not the time to remind me of the phrase about counting hatchlings emerging from their shells!

No one rode badly, all 7 riders contributed, but 2 engine failures in heat 1 and heat 4 were costly and the Eagles came out after the interval with divine inspiration… they hadn’t been reading our instruction sheet that’s for sure! All credit to them for their determination.

Maybe that was a wakeup call… don’t underestimate the opposition, we can’t afford to give away points at home.


Martin was named Man of the Match, thoroughly deserved I think.



Jason Doyle 6 + 1

Martin Smolinski 10 + 1 (5 rides)

Danny King 7

Ben Barker 7

Chris Harris 6 (5 rides)

Nico Covatti 8 + 1

Josh Auty 4 + 1



Bjarne Pedersen 9 + 1 (5 rides)

Lukas Drymll r/r (K.Nilsson 1) S.Gustafsson 0) (T.Lahti 1) (C.Woodward  4 from tactical ride)

Simon Gustafsson 8 (5 rides)

Kim Nilsson 6 + 1 (5 rides

Cameron Woodward 16 + 1 (6 rides)

Timo Lahti 6 + 2 (6 rides)

Kyle Newman 1 (3 rides)