Brummies V Lakeside 02/04/14

At last… A speedway meeting! Last week was a real disappointment, I spent most of the day watching on-line weather reports and… ever the optimist… I thought we might just escape the wet stuff, but alas, it wasn’t to be!
So, move on 7 days, it’s looking a bit overcast as I enter the stadium, in the light, thanks to the ‘daylight saving’ clock change, and hopefully the rain will hold off for a couple of hours.

Both teams are at full strength, and on paper the Lakeside Hammers look a little stronger, but the racing is on the track not on paper!

On with the meeting…

Brummies off gates 2 & 4 for heat 1.

Heat 1.
From the tapes and into the 1st bend it’s Adam Skornicki, Richard Lawson, Peter Karlsson, Danny King. Danny chased hard for 1 lap but couldn’t make any real overtaking opportunities, eventually Peter Karlsson pulled further ahead leaving no chance for a pass. The riders were well spread out by the end of the 3rd lap and the race finished exactly as it started.

Result: 3-3
Skornicki, Lawson, Karlsson, King

Heat 2.
Paul Starke made a superb gate and led into the 1st bend, followed by Adam Ellis, Simon Lambert and Ben Morley, but Adam Ellis made that lead short-lived as he powered around the outside to pass Paul out of the 2nd bend. Adam Ellis extended his lead over the rest of the riders as the race progressed, once again the riders well spread out by the end of the race.

Result: 3-3 (6-6)
Ellis, Starke, Lambert, Morley

Heat 3.
Davey Watt, Ben Barker, Edward Kennett, Lewis Bridger the positions as they negotiate bends 1 and 2 of the 1st lap, Lewis Bridger picked up the pace down the back straight and as the riders exited the 4th bend he had passed both Ben Barker and Edward Kennett to take up 2nd place behind his team mate. Edward Kennett fell as he left the 1st bend of the 2nd lap, he quickly got himself and bike off the track as the race continued and the Hammers took a very comfortable 5-1

Result: 1-5  (7-11)
Watt, Bridger, Barker (Kennett fell)

Heat 4.
Daniel Nermark, Richard Lawson, Adam Ellis, Simon Lambert  the 1,2,3,4 from the tapes and also the result of the heat, hardly surprising there were no position changes… as by the end of the 1st lap the riders were too far apart from each other!

Result: 3-3  (10-14)
Nermark, Lawson, Ellis, Lambert

Heat 5.
The Lakeside pair of Davey Watt and Mikkel Bech stormed into 1st and 2nd place from the tapes with the Brummie pair of Danny King and Edward Kennett in 3rd and 4th. Mikkel Bech passed Davey Watt on the back straight of the 1st lap and Edward Kennett passed Danny King on the 3rd bend of the same lap. Neither of the position changes having any bearing on the heat result… another 5-1 to the Hammers.

Result: 1-5  (11-19)
Bech, Watt, Kennett, King

Heat 6.
Gremlins struck at the tapes as Lewis Bridger’s engine blew up and he was left stationary as Daniel Nermark, followed by Ben Barker and Peter Karlsson headed for the 1st bend… all change on bend 2 as Peter Karlsson stormed past both the Brummie riders to take the lead, Ben passed Daniel as they exited the 4th bend of the 1st lap to give chase behind Karlsson but never got close enough to make an attempt to pass.

Result: 3-3  (14-22)
Karlsson, Barker, Nermark (Bridger E/F)

Heat 7.
The gremlins were still lurking at the tapes as this time Paul Starke let out his clutch but stayed perfectly still as Mikkel Bech made a superb gate, but it was Adam Skornicki who led into the 1st bend… but not for long… Mikkel Bech stormed around the outside passed Adam Skornicki out of the 2nd bend, in the meantime Ben Morley was in 3rd place. Mikkel Bech extended his lead over the next 3 laps to take the win.

Result: 2-4  (16-26)
Bech, Skornicki, Morley (Starke E/F)

Heat 8.
The Brummies with a 10 point deficit opted to give Ben Barker a tactical ride in the B&W helmet for potential double points.
Richard Lawson , Ben Barker, Daniel Nermark, Davey Watt the race positions from the tapes and into the 1st bend, but in a bold swoop around the outside Davey Watt moved from last place to 1st place as the riders came out of the 2nd bend. Ben Barker went inside, outside and every place in between but never looked like he would be able to pass Richard Lawson, regretfully no double points for coming in 3rd as the Lakeside team notched up their 3rd score of 5-1.
Result: 1-5  (17-31)
Watt, Lawson, Barker, Nermark

Heat 9.
Simon Lambert had a brilliant gate and led into the 1st bend ahead of Adam Ellis, Paul Starke and Ben Morley, but yet again a short lived triumph as Adam Ellis passed him out of the 2nd bend.
Paul Starke literally hung onto Simon’s back wheel and snuck past him on the back straight of the 2nd lap, Adam Ellis meanwhile was opening up a substantial lead to win the race with ease.

Result: 3-3  (20-34)
Ellis, Starke, Lambert, Morley

Heat 10.
Now more than 12 points behind, the Brummies use their 2nd tactical ride and this time hand the B&W helmet to Adam Skornicki, for once again, the chance of double points.
Into bend 1… Danny King in 1st place, Davey Watt in 2nd, Adam Skornicki in 3rd and Lewis Bridger in 4th, but Adam Skornicki in his ‘go faster’ B&W helmet stormed to the front out of bend 2 and led the race down the back straight. Now it is at this point I have to apologise for my poor attention to the 2nd and 3rd spot in the race, while I was celebrating Adam’s lead I failed to notice that Davey Watt had passed Danny King, I note here that it did indeed happen but haven’t a clue where it happened… sorry!

Result: 7-2  (27-36)
Skornicki, Watt, King, Bridger

Heat 11.
For the 1st time in the meeting both Brummies come out of the gate like rockets as Ben Barker and Edward Kennett are in 1st and 2nd place into the 1st bend with Mikkel Bech and Peter Karlsson in 3rd and 4th. Ben Barker is flying, and Edward Kennett tries with all his might to prevent the fast Mikkel Bech from overtaking him, but all in vain as Bech passes on the home straight at the start of the 2nd lap, the race concludes with no further changes.

Result: 4-2  (31-38)
Barker, Bech, Kennett, Karlsson

Heat 12.
Out of the tapes… Adam Ellis in 1st, Adam Skornicki in 2nd, Simon Lambert in 3rd and Richard Lawson in 4th. Out of bend 2 Adam Skornicki negotiated a pass on Adam Ellis but this move is overshadowed by Richard Lawson storming around the outside from last place to take the lead along the back straight on lap 1. Adam Skornicki kept Lawson in his sights and pushed really hard for the entire last lap but wasn’t able to pass.

Result: 2-4  (33-42)
Lawson, Skornicki, Ellis, Lambert

Heat 13.
The Hammers are flying… as Peter Karlsson and Lewis Bridger take the 1st and 2nd into the first bend with Danny King and Edward Kennett trailing in their wake. The Lakeside duo trade place for most of the race in a fine display of team riding to prevent Danny King an opportunity to come between them, although if I am being honest Danny King never looked likely to be able to challenge them, as the race concluded with Lewis Bridger taking the 1st position from Peter Karlsson. Lakeside take their 4th 5-1 of the evening and with 2 heats remaining also claim the meeting.

Result: 1-5 (34-47)
Bridger, Karlsson, King, Kennett

Heat 14.
Adam Ellis replaces Ben Morley
From the tapes, Mikkel Bech, Adam Ellis, Daniel Nermark, Paul Starke. Daniel Nermark chasing hard behind Adam Ellis coming out of the 3rd bend of the 1st lap Daniel he looses control and crashes out, the race is stopped and thankfully after a few minutes Daniel is up on his feet but excluded from the re-run as the cause of the stoppage.
Re-run (3 riders only)
From the gate, Mikkel Bech, Paul Starke, Adam Ellis. Adam Ellis makes a last to first dash as he takes the lead on the back straight of the 1st lap. Mikkel Bech re-takes the lead at the start of the 2nd lap for the Hammers to take yet another 5-1

Result: 1-5  (35-52)
Bech, Ellis, Starke (Nermark Fell/excluded)

Heat 15.
Nominated riders: Adam Skornicki, Ben Barker, Richard Lawson, Davey Watt
Into the 1st bend,  Davey Watt in 1st, Richard Lawson in 2nd, Adam Skornicki in 3rd and Ben Barker in 4th. Ben pushes hard for a whole lap and succeeds in passing Adam Skornicki on bend 1 of the 2nd lap and takes up the chase behind Richard Lawson and finally claimed the 2nd place spot out of bend 4 of the 3rd lap.

Result: 2-4  (37-57)
Watt, Barker, Lawson, Skornicki

Meeting summary
To be honest I had expected a closer meeting than this, and while I admitted at the start of the meeting that Lakeside looked stronger than Birmingham on paper they actually proved to be even stronger on the track and fully deserved their win. They have a solid-scoring 1 to 5, but their trump card is undoubtedly their reserve Adam Ellis! A 20 point loss at home is a bitter pill to swallow, and you could actually imagine that this was Lakeside’s home track; they seemed more comfortable on it than the Brummies!

But… I refuse to be down-beat, we will move on from this… bring on the Bees!


Sheila Bowen