Brummies v Panthers 19/08/13

Sheila Bowen:

Another fine Summer’s evening at Perry Barr for the meeting against the high flying Peterborough Panthers who have been taking points by the bucket load over the last few meetings, it’s a real ‘must win’ meeting for the Brummies to retake the top of the league. Peterborough are on a roll and will certainly be looking to add another top of the table team to their list of conquests.

A sizeable Brummies crowd will hope they don’t!


On with the meeting…

Peterborough are operating rider replacement for Norbert Koscluch and the Brummies have David Bellego as a guest reserve in place of injured Nico Covatti.


Brummies off gates 2 and 4 for heat 1.


Heat 1.

Kenneth Bjerre, Ryan Fisher, Jason Doyle and Chris Harris the 1 to 4 out of the second bend lap 1, the Brummie pair slow out of the gate.  Chris Harris passes Jason Doyle on the home straight at the end of the first lap and this is the only position change for the entire race with the home side making no challenge on the Panther duo.


Result 1-5


Bjerre, Fisher, Harris, Doyle


Heat 2.

David Bellego, Patrick Hougaard, Dakota North and Josh Auty the race order out of bend 2, but the fast moving Patrick Hougaard passes David Bellego with ease on the back straight of lap 1.

And that was it… Bellego couldn’t catch Hougaard and Auty tried his hardest but couldn’t get past Dakota North. Another heat win to the Panthers… 6 points down after just 2 races!  saddi1234


Result 2-4   (3-9)


Hougaard, Bellego, North, Auty


Heat 3.

Ryan Fisher rider replacement for Norbert Koscluch.

Ben Barker has an excellent gate and leads into the 1st bend, Ryan Fisher in 2nd, Danny King in 3rd and Krzyszof Buczkowski in 4th. Danny King roars around the outside to pass Ryan Fisher as they exit bend 2, Danny continues his charge to take the lead from Ben on the back straight.

Now that’s more like it! The Brummie held the 5-1 position for the rest of the race with Danny opening up a healthy lead by the end.  clap1  clap1  clap1


Result 5-1    (8-10)


King, Barker, Fisher, Buczkowski


Heat 4.

As they leave the tapes Martin Smolinski comes to a grinding halt and as he peers down at his bike the race continues with Patrick Hougaard  in 1st, Josh Auty in 2nd and Joonas Kylmakorpi in 3rd as they exit bend 2 of the 1st lap. Martin Smolinski dropped his bike on to the edge of the centre green on the 1st bend… and no wonder he dropped it… it was on fire! A few flames rose up from the engine, but within a few seconds it was a raging fire. A quick thinking Ben Barker was speedily on the track with a fire extinguisher and expertly extinguished the flames. The race in the meantime had been stopped by the referee. Martin Smolinski pushed his charred bike of the track and was excluded from the re-run as the cause of the stoppage.

Re-run with 3 riders only.

Patrick Hougaard and Joonas Kylmakorpi in 1st and 2nd into the first bend with Josh Auty trailing at the back. Joonas Kylmakorpi passed Patrick Hougaard on the 3rd bent of lap 1, but Josh looked very down on power and was making no impression whatsoever as the Panthers take an easy 2nd 5-1 score of the night.


Result   1-5   (9-15)


Hougaard, Kylmakorpi, Auty (Smolinski excluded)


Heat 5.

Danny King in 1st, Kenneth Bjerre in 2nd, Ryan Fisher in 3rd Ben Barker in 4th out of the 1st bend of lap 1, but Kenneth Bjerre edges past Danny King as the came out of the 2nd bend. Kenneth Bjerre was pulling away as the other 3 riders entered the 3rd bend virtually side by side when Ryan Fisher fell bringing both Danny King and Ben Barker down with him. The race was stopped and Ryan Fisher was quickly up on his feet, Danny got up a few minutes later, but an anxious waiting time before Ben was up on his feet and limping back to the pits. Ryan Fisher was judged as the cause of the stoppage and was excluded from the re-run.


Kenneth Bjerre continued to gate with ease as he led into the 1st bend, Danny King in 2nd, Ben Barker in 3rd. Ben Barker passed Danny King on the back straight to give chase behind Bjerre but despite a gallant effort he couldn’t prevent Kenneth Bjerre taking his 2nd race win.


Result   3-3   (12-18)


Bjerre, Barker, King (Fisher excluded)


Heat 6.

Into the 1st bend Joonas Kylmakorpi just has the edge over Jason Doyle in 2nd, with Chris Harris in 3rd and Danny King in 4th. Jason Doyle storms around the outside of Kylmakorpi out of bend 2. Chris Harris pushes hard behind Kylmakorpi for the remainder of the race and is rewarded for his effort as he storms past him on the back straight of the last lap. A superb 5-1 to the Brummies to get back within 2 points of the Panthers.


Result   5-1   (17-19)


Doyle, Harris, Kylmakorpi, North


Heat 7.

Patrick Hougaard takes rider replacement for Norbert Koscluch.

Martin Smolinski over-cooked it as he entered the 1st bend and fell; meanwhile out of bend 2 Patrick Hougaard is at the front, followed by Krzyszof Buczkowski with David Bellego in last place. Martin quickly re-mounts and re-joins the race but never caught up, finishing in last place over half a lap down. Bellego was also well off the pace and never looked likely to be able to catch the Panthers as they took any easy 5-1 to re-establish their 6 point lead.


Result   1-5   (18-24)


Hougaard, Buczkowski, Bellego, Smolinski


Heat 8.

Jason Doyle had a superb gate and led comfortably into the 1st bend, Patrick Hougaard in 2nd, Ryan Fisher in 3rd and Josh Auty in 4th.

Josh threw everything into the race drawing level with Ryan Fisher on two occasions before finally making the pass on the inside of the 2nd bend of the 2nd lap and even had a small challenge on Patrick Hougaard in 2nd place before dropping back. Ryan Fisher fell on bend 4 of lap 3, the race was stopped with Fisher being excluded, the race was awarded as the positions prior to the stoppage.


Result   4-2   (22-26)


Doyle, Hougaard, Auty, (Fisher fell/excluded)


Heat 9.

You could have covered all 4 bikes with a hankie as they entered the 1st bend, Ben Barker and Danny King emerged from the 2nd bend in front of Dakota North and Joonas Kylmakorpi. Kylmakorpi eased past North on the back straight but there was no catching Ben and Danny as they stormed to take a 5-1 and at last draw level with the Panthers!


Result 5-1   (27-27)


Barker, King, Kylmakorpi, North


Heat 10.

Patrick Hougaard again rider replacement for Norbert Koscluch.

Jason Doyle in fine form as he once again leads into the first bend, Krzyszof Buczkowski in 2nd, Patrick Hougaard in 3rd and Chris Harris in 4th. Hougaard passes Buczkowski on the back straight of the 2nd lap and 1 lap later in virtually the same place Buczkowski re-takes 2nd place from Hougaard. Meanwhile Jason Doyle has a comfortable win with Chris Harris making no challenge at the back. Another shared heat and still level pegging.


Result   3-3   (30-30)


Doyle, Buczkowski, Hougaard, Harris


Heat 11.

Kenneth Bjerre again 1st out the gate, and as they exit the 2nd bend Bjerre leads, Martin Smolinski in 2nd, Ryan Fisher in 3rd and David Bellego in 4th. Martin Smolinski just doesn’t have the speed to prevent Ryan Fisher passing him on the home straight at the end of the 1st lap. The race is completed without any further passes and once again the Brummies drop 4 points behind.


Result   1-5   (31-35)


Bjerre, Fisher, Smolinski, Bellego


Heat 12.

A very busy Patrick Hougaard takes the final rider replacement for Norbert Koscluch.

Patrick Hougaard having a superb evening once again makes a fast gate and as they exit the 2nd bend he leads the race from Danny King Dakota North and Josh Auty. Danny King tries every line possible for the entire race and from the 4th bend of the last lap he makes a supreme effort and succeeds in passing Patrick Hougaard on the line! What a stupendous race!   brumscarf  brumscarf  brumscarf


Result 3-3   (34-38)


King, Hougaard, North Auty


Heat 13

2nd bend Kenneth Bjerre passes Chris Harris to take the lead. A few wheel turns later and Bjerre is back in front and then on the 2nd bend of lap 3 Harris retakes the lead. Meanwhile Martin Smolinski is have a nightmare of a meeting as he appears to lose power on the back straight of lap 3 and is passed by Joonas Kylmakorpi. Smolinski pulls up with engine failure and doesn’t finish the race. Yet another 3-3.

I don’t think my nerves will stand much more!


Result   3-3   (37-41)


Harris, Bjerre, Kylmakorpi, (Smolinski engine failure)


Heat 14.

Krzyszof Buczkowski into 1st, Ben Barker in 2nd, Patrick Hougaard in 3rd and David Bellego in 4th as the leave the 2nd bend. David Bellego passes Patrick Hougaard on the back straight.

Ben Barker all over the back of Krzyszof Buczkowski for 2 laps before finally passing on the 3rd lap, Krzyszof Buczkowski refuses to accept he has been beaten and actually draws level with Ben as they exit the 4th bend of the last lap, Ben makes a final supreme push and takes the win on the line! The best race of the night and maybe the best race of the season…   clap1  clap1  clap1


Result   4-2   (41-43)


Barker, Buczkowski, Bellego, Hougaard


Heat 15.

Nominated riders: Ben Barker, Danny King, Kenneth Bjerre, Krzyszof Buczkowski

Brummies choosing gates 1 and 3.

I’m so nervous and excited I can’t watch… Krzyszof Buczkowski leads from the tapes, Ben Barker leads into the 2nd bend… it’s bend 3 of the 1st lap before I have noted where Danny King and Kenneth Bjerre are placed… and with total euphoria I realise that the positions are… Ben Barker 1st, Danny King 2nd, Krzyszof Buczkowski 3rd and Kenneth Bjerre in last place! The dream is unfolding; we are in the magical 5-1 position! Ben and Danny made no mistakes they win the race with ease and… the meeting too! Oh yes, nearly forgot, Kenneth Bjerre had engine failure on the 2nd bend of the last lap.

brumscarf  brumscarf  brumscarf  brumscarf  brumscarf  brumscarf  brumscarf


Result   5-1   (46-44)


Meeting summary:

What a meeting! Can there be a better way to advertise speedway? For 14 races we were never in the lead… 1 race remaining… needing to make a 5-1 to win, the visitors only needing to score 3 points to snatch victory. It just goes to show it’s not how you start it’s how you finish! I almost (only almost) felt sorry for Peterborough… all that gutsy hard work thwarted in just 60.03 seconds!

Well done to all the riders for such an entertaining evening, and well done to the Brummies for refusing to accept they were beat! Ben and Danny were outstanding, Chris and Jason excellent support, David Bellego chipped in with a valuable 4 points. And although Josh only scored 2 points his effort and commitment were worth more… and those 2 points were the margin we won by!

As for poor Martin, he had a nightmare meeting… 2 unfinished races, 1 burnt out bike, 1 fall and only 1 point. I bet he doesn’t remember running over that lucky black cat!


Ben Barker named Rider of the Night, well deserved too!


Well it’s back to the top of the league table… for now!

Roll on next Wednesday; we need to take the sting out of the bee’s tail!


C.Harris 1, 2, 0, 3 (6+1)

J.Doyle 0, 3, 3, 3 (9)

D.King 3, 1, 2, 3, 2 (11+3)

B.Barker 2, 2, 3, 3, 3 (13+1)

M.Smolinski ex, 0, 1, E/F (1)

D.Bellego 2, 1, 0, 1 (4)

J.Auty 0, 1, 1, 0 (2)



K.Bjerre 3, 3, 3, 2, 0 (11)

R.Fisher 2, 1, ex, ex, 2  (5+2)

N.Koscluch rider replacement

K.Buczkowski 0, 2, 2, 2, 1 (7+1)

J.Kylmakorpi 3, 1, 1, 1 (6+1)

D.North 1,0, 0, 1 (2+1)

P.Hougaard 3, 2, 3, 2, 1, 2, 0 (13+2)