Brummies V Poole Heat by Heat 19/06/13

SUPBRU Report from Sheila Bowen ….Blue skies, fluffy clouds, bright yellow orb in the sky a glorious 22 degrees… am I hallucinating? If not it must mean summer has actually arrived at last! The stadium looks quite busy, clearly the fine weather has tempted people to attend.

On with the meeting…
Poole Pirates and Sky Sports cameras are in town… we intend showing them both that we mean business! The Pirates have a bit of grudge against us; we nicked points off them last week on their track, and they will no doubt be keen to return the favour!

Brummies off gates 1 & 3 for heat 1.

Heat 1.
Chris Holder out the gate like a rocket followed very closely by Rohan Tungate with Ben Barker in 3rd and Danny King in 4th as the riders exit bend 2 of the 1st lap. Ben roared down the back straight and eased past Tungate of bend 3, Danny King tried hard to do the same, overcooked it and fell on the 4th bend, he quickly picked up his bike and remounted but is left trying to play catch up.
The race progressed without any further changes and the world champion Chris Holder scores an easy win.

Holder, Barker, Tungate, King, fell/remounted

Result 2-4

Heat 2.
Josh Auty and Nicolas Covatti in a comfortable 1st and 2nd out of bend 2 followed by Tomas H Jonasson and Dawid Stachyra. Jonasson didn’t seem to be looking to turn left as he entered bend 3 of lap 2 and hit the air fence with such force he is thrown backwards off his bike, the bike almost appeared to be trying to vault over the fence! It was a while before Jonasson, quite shaken by his crash, got to his feet, but in the meantime the referee had awarded the race without calling for a re-run. Quite surprisingly as Auty and Covatti had barely crossed the line to start lap 3 when the referee stopped the race!

Auty, Covatti, Stachyra (race awarded after 2 laps) Jonasson Fell

Result 5-1 (7-5)

Heat 3.
Rohan Tungate takes rider replacement for Robert Miskowiak.
Rohan Tungate leads out of bend 2 lap 1, Jason Doyle in 2n d, Przernek Pawlicki in 3rd and Martin Smolinski in last place. Martin is all over the back of Przernek Pawlicki and is rewarded for his perseverance as he passes him on bend 3 of lap 2. In the meantime Jason was doing much of the same against Rohan Tungate and makes a successful pass on the home straight at the start of the 3rd lap. And just half a lap later Martin moves into 2nd place as he too passes Rohan Tungate on the back straight. A truly stupendous race and a very well earned 5-1!

Doyle, Smolinski, Tungate, Pawlicki

Result 5-1 (12-6)

Heat 4.
Chris Harris was out the gate like an express train! As the riders exit bend 2 Chris Harris leads, Josh Auty in 2nd, Maciej Janowski in 3rd and Dawid Stachyra in 4th. Janowski pushed very hard behind Josh for the entire race, even drawing level with him on a couple of occasions, but Josh always looked in control as he secured his 2nd place. Dawid Stachyra was completely off the pace and pulled up on the last lap. 3 scores of 5-1, just 4 races and already 10 points in front… dreams are made of this!

Harris, Auty, Janowski, (Stachyra did not finish)

Result 5-1 (17-7)

At this point it was announced that Tomas H Jonasson was being withdrawn from the meeting, hardly surprising given his fall in heat 2.

Heat 5.
With the Pirates10 point deficit Chris Holder is taking a tactical ride in the black and white helmet for potential double points.
Chris Holder makes a superb gate! Holder leads out of bend 2, Rohan Tungate in 2nd, Jason Doyle 3rd and Martin Smolinski in 4th. A bit of a tangle between bends 3 and 4 of the 1st lap. Rohan Tungate appears to lock up, Jason Doyle with no room to manoeuvre takes a tumble, the race is stopped and as he gets to his feet it is Rohan Tungate that is judged the cause of the stoppage and is excluded from the re-run.
Re-run with 3 riders.
Chris Holder once again superb from the gate to take the lead into bend 1, followed by Martin Smolinski in 2nd and Jason Doyle in 3rd.
Chris Holder was in full control of his 1st place for the entire race; the race ended exactly as it had started. A fine win for Holder to take 6 points from his tactical ride.

Holder, Smolinski, Doyle (Tungate excluded from re-run)

Result 3-6 (20-13)

Heat 6.
Dawid Stachyra did not take his scheduled ride in this the race, as Tomas H Jonasson had retired injured from the meeting Dawid Stachyra would be required to cover his rides and would not be able to take all the races available to him. 3 riders only for the race.
Into bend 1 of the 1st lap Danny King in 1st, Maciej Janowski in 2nd and Ben Barker in 3rd, but Maciej Janowski is hard on Danny’s back wheel as they exit bend 2 and completes the pass on the back straight. Ben also passes Danny a few wheel turns later to take up the chase behind Janowski, but all to no avail as Maciej Janowski wins for a shared heat.

Janowski, Barker, King (no 2nd rider for Poole)

Result 3-3 (23-16)

Heat 7.
Dawid Stachyra taking rider replacement for Robert Miskowiak.
Chris Harris, Przernek Pawlicki, Nicolas Covatti, Dawid Stachyra the race order as the riders exit bend 2 of lap 1. As the race progressed the riders became more and more strung out with Dawid Stachyra completely out of it at the back and retired from the race on bend 2 of the 3rd lap.

Harris, Pawlicki, Covatti (Stachyra retired)

Result 4-2 (27-18)

Heat 8.
Rohan Tungate lunged forward at the start the referee declared it an unsatisfactory start and Tungate was judged to have touched the tape and excluded from the re-run. In normal circumstances at this point when a rider is excluded for a tape infringement the team can substitute him with a reserve.
But with No.7 Jonasson withdrawn from the meeting and No.6 Stachyra already in the race the only option left was for Tungate to take his ride with a 15-metre handicap.
Into the 1st bend, Josh Auty followed by Ben Barker followed by Dawid Stachyra with Rohan Tungate in last place. Ben took up the 1st place as they came out of bend 2. The Brummies stamped their authority on the race and led from start to finish with barely any challenge from Stachyra, and Tungate, as is usually the case, was not able to overcome the imposed handicap.
Another Brummies 5-1!

Barker, Auty, Stachyra, Tungate

Result 5-1 (32-19)

Heat 9.
With Poole now 12 points down they elect to use their 2nd and final tactical ride, Maciej Janowski wearing the black & white helmet.
Maciej Janowski and Dawid Stachyra stormed into the lead over Jason Doyle and Martin Smolinski in 3rd and 4th but Martin and Jason simultaneously passed Stachyra on the back straight of the same lap relegating him into last place. Martin continued his charge behind Janowski and completed his mission as he passed him on the home straight at the start of lap 2. The race was concluded without any further changes other that Dawid Stachyra retiring on the back straight of lap of the 3rd lap. Martin’s win limited the tactical ride score to 4 points.

Smolinski, Janowski, Doyle, (Stachyra retired from race)

Result 4-4 (36-23)

Heat 10.
Maciej Janowski taking rider replacement for Robert Miskowiak.
A bit of a domino effect as the riders entered the 1st bend, Ben Barker wobbled and leant onto Przernek Pawlicki who wobbled and leant onto Danny King who on the outside with nobody to lean on took a tumble into the fence, clearly not poor Danny’s night! The referee stopped the race, declared it an unsatisfactory start with all 4 riders back for the re-run.
Maciej Janowski and Przernek Pawlicki taking the early lead, Ben Barker in 3rd and Danny King in 4th. Ben on a real charge tonight as he roared up behind Pawlicki to take up 2n d place on the home straight at the end of lap 1. And in exactly the same place just 1 lap later secures the pass into 1st place over Janowski. Meanwhile, either from the shake up of his fall or possible damage to his bike Danny was making no impression at the back and struggled to even keep up.

Barker, Janowski, Pawlicki, King

Result 3-3 (39-26)

Heat 11.
Chris Holder, Nicolas Covatti, Chris Harris, Rohan Tungate the race positions out of bend 2 lap 1.
Covatti and Harris making absolutely no impression on the ever increasing lead by Holder.
While Tungate trailed at the back before taking a tumble on bend 2 lap 2, he quickly re-mounted and resumed the race but now hopelessly behind eventually retired from the race.

Holder, Covatti, Harris (Tungate fell, retired)

Result 3-3 (42-29)

Heat 12.
From the tapes, Martin Smolinski, Przernek Pawlicki, Josh Auty, Dawid Stachyra. As the riders entered the 3rd bend of lap 1 Stachyra tangled with Josh causing them both to fall. The race was stopped, Josh was up and walking first but it was quite a while before Stachyra shakily got to his feet, and a ride on the Brummies parade truck back to the pits, hopefully not a cost cutting exercise in place of an ambulance!
The referee judged that Stachyra was the cause of the stoppage and he was excluded from the re-run.
Re-run with 3 riders only.
An exact replica of the original start of this race, Smolinski, Pawlicki, Auty the 1,2,3 out of bend 2 lap 1. Pawlicki improving with every race passes Smolinski on the back straight of lap 2 to complete the 4th shared heat of the meeting.

Pawlicki, Smolinski, Auty (Stachyra fell, excluded)

Result 3-3 (45-32)

Heat 13.
Chris Holder really showing his class as he once again leads the race, Chris Harris in 2nd, Maciej Janowski in 3rd and Danny King in 4th out of bend 2 lap 1.
Maciej Janowski was all over the back of Chris Harris’s bike and passed him with ease on the home straight at the end of the 1st lap. Having gained the 5-1 position for the first time in the meeting the Pirates were in no mood to relinquish it, the Brummies having to settle for just 1 point!

Holder, Janowski, Harris, King

Result 1-5 (46-37)

Heat 14.
As the riders prepared for this heat it became apparent that Poole would not be able to take part!
Dawid Stachyra was the only rider able to take the rider replacement ride for Robert Miskowiak and he had been withdrawn from the meeting with an injured foot following his fall in heat 12.
Tomas H Jonasson was the other scheduled rider for this race but he had been withdrawn from the meeting following his fall in heat 2.
Nicolas Covatti led into the first bend; Jason Doyle passed him out of bend 2. The race was completed in that order. A most bizarre race!

Doyle, Covatti, (No Poole riders in the race)

Result 5-0 (51-38)

Heat 15.
Nominated riders:
Martin Smolinski, Ben Barker, C Holder, Maciej Janowski with Poole electing to take gates 1 & 3.

Into bend 1 Chris Holder, Martin Smolinski, Maciej Janowski, and Ben Barker. A few wheel turns later all change! Janowski powers around the outside and passes both Smolinski and Holder to take the lead, while Smolinski and Barker exchange places in 3rd & 4th. Talk about saving the best till last!! Chris Holder covers just about every inch of shale as he tried to shepherd Janowski around the track. Any piece of shale left uncovered by Harris was utilised by Ben on the outside line and Martin on the inside line as they swooped from side to side, tracking every move Chris Harris made before making Harris the meat in a Brummie sandwich as they simultaneously passed him on either side on the home straight of lap 3. The meeting was already won, all 3 points were safely in the bag but Ben and Martin rode like their very existence depended on the outcome of the race! The most exciting shared heat I have seen in a long, long time.

Janowski, Barker, Smolinski, Harris

Result 3-3 (54-40)

Meeting summary
Well shiver me timbers and splice the main brace! We sunk the Pirates! Ooo arrrr!
I am ecstatic and thrilled to have won the meeting! I didn’t expect it to be so easy, but by heat 4 and with 3 simultaneous 5-1’s it was clear that the Pirates had a big hole in their boat that Holder and Janowski were not going to be able to fix. They both managed extra points from their tactical rides but lacked any meaningful support from the rest of team.
In contrast the Brummies were totally united, solid scoring, 10 bonus points between them and had fully committed team spirit! It’s a shame that Danny King is not sitting comfortable with the No.1 position at present, but with 6 team riders performing so well it covers the shortfall from Danny.
And to be honest he wasn’t as bad as his score-line suggests, two falls and two rides against the high flying Chris Holder didn’t help.
It was lovely to watch a meeting in warm sunshine and elevated temperature, even if it did mean I was squinting and struggling to see the back straight until after heat 12!
Oh yes, nearly forgot… Ben Barker was named Man of the Match.
If I had the chance to choose there would have had been two Man of the Match awards, Martin & Ben… they deserved it for heat 15 alone!

Danny King 1+1
Ben Barker 12
Martin Smolinski 10+2
Jason Doyle 8+1
Chris Harris 8+1
Nico Covatti 7+2
Josh Auty 7+3

Chris Holder 15
Rohan Tungate 2
Przermek Pawlicki 6+1
Robert Miskowiak r/r
Maciej Janowski 15+1
Dawid Stachyta 2
Tomas H Jonasson 0 withdrawn from meeting


Sheila Bowen