Brummies V Wolves 07/05/14 Full Report


It seems like an eternity since I last saw speedway at Perry Barr; the weather gods are not being very kind at present.
I enter the stadium with ominous black clouds lurking overhead, the Met Office assure us that no further rain is expected… I’m not that sure… but I have my fingers firmly crossed!
A team change for the Brummies… with Edward Kennett departing and his place being taken by Nico Covatti. I’m absolutely delighted that he has re-joined us, welcome back Nico!
Our opponents, Wolverhampton Wolves are no slouches round Perry Barr and a close match is on the cards.

On with the meeting…

Brummies win the toss and take gates 1 & 3 for heat 1.

Heat 1.
Daniel Nermark had a superb gate and led into the 1st bend, closely followed by Adam Skornicki, Jacob Thorssell and Tai Woffinden. Tai Woffinden roared around the outside passing both Thorssell and Adam Skornicki on the back straight, and that was it, Tai Woffinden couldn’t catch Daniel Nermark and Adam Skornicki although chasing hard made no impression on Tai Woffinden  

Result: 4-2
Nermark, Woffinden, Skornicki, Thorssell 

Heat 2.
The Wolverhampton duo of Joe Jacobs and Ashley Morris made excellent starts and led into the 1st bend with Paul Starke and Simon Lambert in 3rd and 4th place, that was also the result of the heat as the gaps opened up between all of the riders in a somewhat lack-lustre heat which unfortunately left the Brummies on the wrong end of a 5-1!   

Result: 1-5  (5-7)
Jacobs, Morris, Starke, Lambert 

Heat 3.
Danny King out of the gate like a rocket! Into the 1st bend… Danny King in 1st, Piotr Pawlicki in 2nd, Ben Barker in 3rd and Ricky Wells in 4th. Ricky Wells swoops around the outside to move from last place into 2nd, passing Pawlicki and Barker with ease. Ben Barker pushing hard behind Piotr Pawlicki successfully passes as they enter the 3rd bend. While the action for 2nd, 3rd and 4th places unfold over the 1st lap Danny King has surged ahead of the other 3 riders and is untouchable at the front. A 4-2 to the Brummies to bring the score all square.

Result: 4-2  (9-9)
King, Wells, Barker, Pawlicki 

Heat 4.
Race positions into bend 1, Nico Covatti, Jacob Thorssell, Ashley Morris and Paul Starke, but Jacob Thorssell passes Nico Covatti out of the 2nd bend. Meanwhile Paul Starke sneaks past Ashley Morris but as they enter the 2nd bend of the 2nd lap Ashley Morris takes the position back. Paul Starke riding like his life depends on the outcome hangs onto his back wheel and succeeds in re-passing Morris on bend 3 of the 2nd lap and despite the pressure from Morris manages to hang on to the position for the rest of the race. 1st and 2nd places totally undisputed as Jacob Thorssell opens up a sizable gap over Nico Covatti. 

Result:   3-3  (12-12)
Thorssell, Covatti, Starke, Morris

Heat 5.
Adam Skornicki with a fine start led into the 1st bend, Ricky Wells in 2nd, Ben Barker in 3rd and Ty Proctor in 4th and also the result of the race, but by no means a processional race… Ricky Wells covered virtually every inch of the track as he moved from inside to outside and everywhere in between in an attempt to pass Adam Skornicki but to no avail, as an equally determined Skornicki held him off. 

Result: 4-2  (16-14)
Skornicki, Wells, Barker, Proctor

Heat 6.
Piotr Pawlicki, Tai Woffinden, Danny King, Nico Covatti the positions into bend 1, but Danny King swoops around the outside to pass Tai Woffinden and Piotr Pawlicki to take the lead on the back straight of the 1st lap. Piotr Pawlicki and Tai Woffinden traded places on bend 3 of the 1st lap. Danny King opened up a very healthy lead and by the end of the race all 4 riders were well strung out.

Result   3-3 (19-17)
King, Woffinden, Pawlicki, Covatti

Heat 7.
From the gate, Daniel Nermark in 1st, Ty Proctor in 2nd, Joe Jacobs in 3rd, Simon Lambert  in 4th, and also the result of the heat. Simon Lambert was well out of contention at the back and seemed down on power.  Another shared heat to hold a slender lead.

Result: 3-3  (22-20)
Nermark, Proctor, Jacobs, Lambert

Heat 8.
Ricky Wells, Danny King, Nico Covatti, Jacob Thorssell into the 1st bend, Nico Covatti storms around the outside to lead the race down the back straight, a few wheel turns later and Danny King passes Ricky Wells into 2nd place and with superior speed and momentum sweeps past Covatti out of the 3rd bend of lap 1.  Ricky Wells catches up with Nico Covatti and presses hard for the next two laps before finally seizing the opportunity to pass Covatti on the back straight of the last lap.

Result: 4-2  (26-22)
King, Wells, Covatti, Thorssell

Heat 9.
Paul Starke has a great start and leads into the 1st bend, followed by Ashley Morris, Simon Lambert and Joe Jacobs. Ashley Morris passes Paul Starke on the back straight but Paul Starke immediately takes the position back. Morris challenges hard for the entire race but a superb ride by Paul Starke sees him take a valuable win for the Brummies. Simon Lambert’s 3rd place gives the Brummies another 4-2 and a 6 point lead.  

Result: 4-2  (30-24)
Starke, Morris, Lambert, Jacobs 

Heat 10.
Piotr Pawlicki, Adam Skornicki, Ricky Wells, Daniel Nermark the race positions out of bend 2, Ricky Wells passes Adam Skornicki down the back straight, the Wolves duo ride brilliantly at the front of the race while the Brummie pair seem to be stumbling over each other with Daniel Nermark rearing up on the home straight of lap 2 and Skornicki nearly running into him, it doesn’t get any better as Wolves take their second 5-1 of the night and the lead is reduced to just 2 again!  

Result: 1-5  (31-29)
Pawlicki, Wells, Skornicki, Nermark 

Heat 11.
Ben Barker and Danny King have a great start and lead over Tai Woffinden and Ty Proctor into bend 1, a much faster moving Danny King passes Ben Barker for the lead down the back straight, then a couple of wheel turns later Ty Proctor moves into 2nd place and by the time they exit the 3rd bend of lap 1 Ben has been relegated into last place, Ben is really struggling… 1st to last in less than a lap! Another shared heat.

Result: 3-3  (34-32)
King, Proctor, Tai Woffinden, Barker

Heat 12.
Daniel Nermark, Ashley Morris, Paul Starke, Jacob Thorssell the 1 to 4 into the 1st bend, Paul Starke passes Ashley Morris on the back straight and subsequently Jacob Thorssell passes Morris. Daniel Nermark and Paul Starke take a fantastic 5-1 to pull back a 6 point advantage.    

Result: 5-1  (39-33)
Nermark, Starke, Thorssell, Morris

Heat 13.
Piotr Pawlicki roars into 1st place, followed by Adam Skornicki, Ben Barker and Tai Woffinden,
Tai Woffinden passes Ben Barker on the home straight at the start of the 2nd lap, Ben Barker immediately passes Tai Woffinden back on bend 2 of the 2nd lap and by the time they reach turn 3 of lap 2 Tai Woffinden has re-claimed the 3rd place spot, Ben has no answer to the faster Tai Woffinden and finishes the race in last place.
Result: 2-4  (41-37)
Pawlicki, Skornicki, Woffinden, Barker

Heat 14.
Paul Starke replaces Simon Lambert in a reserve change. Nico Covatti is judged to have jumped the start, unsatisfactory start, all 4 back.
Re-run. Into bend 1 Ty Proctor in 1st, Joe Jacobs in 2nd, Paul Starke in 3rd, and Nico Covatti having completely missed the gate, in last place. The Wolves pair trade place as the team ride into a fine 5-1 position and although Paul Starke raced really hard there was no catching the Wolves as they notched up their 3rd 5-1 of the night, and with just 1 heat to go the match all square again. 

Result: 1-5  (42-42)
Jacobs, Proctor, Starke, Covatti

Heat 15.
Nominated riders: Daniel Nermark, Danny King, Ricky Wells, Piotr Pawlicki 
Wolves choose gates 2 & 4.
The Brummie pair had flying starts… Daniel Nermark in 1st, Danny King in 2nd, Piotr Pawlicki in 3rd and Ricky Wells in 4th as they enter the first bend. Danny King in superb form passes Daniel Nermark on the back straight. Daniel Nermark tried in vain to hold off Piotr Pawlicki but finally relinquished 2nd place on the 2nd bend of lap 3.
But a 4-2 is just enough. Brummies win the match!      

Result:   4-2  (46-44)
King, Piotr Pawlicki, Nermark, Wells

Meeting summary:
What a meeting! Never more than 6 points between the team all night, going into the last race all square, needing a 4-2, (and getting it,) it doesn’t get any better than that! 
With the old race format it was stated that happiness was 40-38, well… tonight happiness was most definitely 46-44!
Wolves ‘nicked’ a point from the meeting, but I won’t begrudge them that point, they well and truly earned it.
Congratulations to Danny King on his sensational 15 point maximum, he had a dream evening.
Well done to Paul Starke with his best score to date as a Brummie reserve.
It was pleasing to see Adam Skornicki and Daniel Nermark putting in quality scores too.
Ben had a night to forget… hope he’s not carrying an injury from his nasty fall at Swindon on Monday. 
Nico had a bit of a mixed 1st meeting, but he chipped in with 3 valuable points, I thought that perhaps Nico Covatti’s bike was suffering jet-lag, but it transpires that he was actually riding Danny King’s 2nd bike, maybe Danny should have loaned him his 1st bike instead!  
Can hardly wait to for the match against Kings Lynn next week, we’ll put on a better display that that of Bad Friday!


Sheila Bowen