Brummies V Wolves 22/05/13

pbAnother excellent report from Sheila Bowen     Gorgeous sunshine on the drive to the stadium, but… o boy! What a strong wind, it was truly biting and took all of the warmth away! When will summer ever arrive?

Our visitors Wolverhampton are sitting at the top of the League table and haven’t yet been beaten but I am quietly confident that we could win this meeting and even optimistic that we could even take all 3 points!
Wolves are operating rider replacement for the injured Adam Skornicki.

On with the meeting…

Wolves won the toss and elected to go off gates 1 & 3 for heat 1.

Heat 1.
Tai Woffinden out the gates like a demon possessed into 1st place at bend 1, Ben Barker into 2nd and Chris Harris into 3rd with Ty Proctor in 4th. Ty Proctor challenged very hard for 2 laps and just when all the hard work had been done and Chris Harris had put some space between him and Ty and heading for a shared heat, he overcooked it and fell coming into the 4th bend of the last lap, gifting Ty with the 3rd place. Tai won the race in 56.94 seconds the fastest time we have seen at PB for quite a while.

Woffinden, Barker, Proctor (Harris fell)

Result 2-4

Heat 2.
Into the 1st bend, Martin Smolinski, Jacob Thorssell, Ludvig Lindgren, Nicolas Covatti.
Ludvig Lindgren passed Jacob Thorssell on the back straight of lap 1. No further changes in race order for the rest of the race for a shared heat.

Smolinski, Lindgren, Thorssell, Covatti

Result    3-3   (5-7)

Heat 3.
Ty Proctor taking the rider replacement for Adam Skornicki.
Ty Proctor had a superb start and led into bend 1, as they exited the 2nd bend Danny King took up 2nd place, Ricky Wells 3rd with Josh Auty in last place. Josh overcame his sluggish start and stormed up behind Ricky Wells along the back straight, and passing him out of the 3rd bend lap 1.
The race progressed without any change in positions. Ricky Wells slowed up along the home straight of the last lap before retiring on the 2nd bend.

Proctor, King, Auty (Ricky Wells retired)

Result 3-3   (8-10)

Heat 4.
Fredrik Lindgren, Jason Doyle, Nicolas Covatti, Jacob Thorssell the positions out of bend 2 lap 1, and that was also the race positions at the end of the race. Jason Doyle pushed really hard behind Fast Freddie for most of the race but couldn’t find a way to pass him.

Lindgren, Doyle, Covatti, Thorssell

Result   3-3   (11-14)

Heat 5.
Tai Woffinden again turning on the style and leading from the tapes, followed by Danny King, Josh Auty and Ty Proctor. Ty Proctor passed Josh Auty out of bend 2 of the 1st lap. For the rest of the race Ty Proctor challenged hard behind Danny King but Danny managed to hold onto the 2nd place. The 3-3 deadlock of the last 3 races broken… unfortunately with a 2-4 and Wolves increase their lead to 4 points!

Woffinden, King, Proctor, Auty

Result   2-4   (13-17)

Heat 6.
Into the 1st bend Fredrik Lindgren followed by Ben Barker, Chris Harris and Ludvig Lindgren.
Ben and Chris exchanged places on the back straight of lap 3. By the end of the race Ludvig Lindgren was well of the pace at the back.

Lindgren, Harris, Barker, Lindgren

Result 3-3   (16-20)

Heat 7.
Jacob Thorssell takes the rider replacement for Adam Skornicki.
Martin Smolinski and Jason Doyle made excellent gates and were in 1st and 2nd place out of bend 2 lap 1, with Ricky Wells and Jacob Thorssell in 3rd and 4th. The only changes in race order happened on the back straight of lap 2 as Martin & Jason exchanged places and by the end of the race had built up a very healthy lead over the Wolves pair. AT LAST… a 5-1!
Doyle, Smolinski, Wells, Thorssell

Result   5-1   (21-21)

Heat 8.
Martin Smolinski reserve change for Nicolas Covatti.
Into the 1st bend, Martin Smolinski, Ty Proctor, Nicolas Covatti, Ludvig Lindgren.
Ty Proctor was just edging in front of Martin Smolinski out of bend 2 when the red lights came on to stop the race as Ludvig Lindgren had fallen on the 1st bend. All 4 riders back for the re-run.
Ty Proctor made a much better start and led out of bend 1, lap 1, Ben Barker in 2nd, Martin Smolinski in 3rd and Ludvig Lindgren once again in last place.
Ben Barker pushed hard behind Ty Proctor riding around the outside out of bend 3, lap1… virtually riding the boards out of bend 4… then drawing level at the start of the 2nd lap and completed the pass out of bend 2, lap 2 to take the lead. A brilliant ride from Ben!
It looked like this would be the result of the heat until Ty Proctor got some lift out of the 2nd bend, reared up and travelled several yards down the back straight on just his rear wheel… he eventually managed to re-gaining control but by this time, Martin with both his wheels firmly on the track took advantage of the situation and claimed 2nd place. An unlikely maximum points result but a welcome one, and the lead for the 1st time!

Barker, Smolinski, Proctor, Thorssell

Result   5-1   (26-22)

Heat 9.
Josh Auty made a great start and had the race lead out of bend 2 of the 1st lap, Fredrik Lindgren in 2nd, Danny King in 3rd and Ludvig Lindgren in 4th. But it wasn’t to last… Fredrik Lindgren stormed around the outside of Josh on bend 3 to take the lead. Danny passed Josh and took 2nd place a lap later. Shared heat number 5 and slender lead preserved.

Lindgren, King, Auty, Lindgren

Result   3-3   (29-25)

Heat 10.
Fredrik Lindgren rider replacement for Adam Skornicki.
The sun at this point of the meeting was making it extremely difficult to make out the difference between white helmets covers and yellow helmet covers, so… into 1st bend, 1st lap…Wolves rider, followed by Chris Harris followed by Wolves rider with Ben Barker at the back.
Out of the 2nd bend Wolves rider passes Chris Harris. As the riders travel along the home straight entering lap 2 the helmet colours are now recognisable, so race positions as follows… Ricky Wells, Fredrik Lindgren, Chris Harris, Ben Barker. After his sparking performance in heat 8 Ben seems well down on power and is complete off pace by the end of the race. A 5-1 to the Wolves as they draw level again.

Wells, Lindgren, Harris, Barker

Result   1-5   (30-30)

It was announced during the interval that Ty Proctor had aggravated an injury during his rear up in heat 8 and was being withdrawn from the meeting.

Heat 11.
Jacob Thorssell in place of Ty Proctor.
Tai Woffinden 1st, Jason Doyle 2nd, Jacob Thorssell 3rd, Martin Smolinski 4th into bend 1 lap 1.
Martin Smolinski passes Jacob Thorssell on the back straight lap 1, meanwhile Jason Doyle is riding his socks off behind Tai Woffinden and is rewarded for his efforts with a pass into 1st place as he exits bend 4 of lap 1. Having taken the lead he then pulls away from Tai over the next 3 laps and wins the race comfortably. A well deserved 4-2 and a slender 2 point lead!

Doyle, Woffinden, Smolinski, Thorssell

Result   4-2   (34-32)

Heat 12.
Reserve change Martin Smolinski replaces Nicolas Covatti.
From the tapes, Danny King, Ricky Wells, Martin Smolinski, Ludvig Lindgren.
On the back straight of lap 2 Martin Smolinski passes Ricky Wells into 2nd place. Danny & Martin secure the maximum points with a fine show of team riding!

King, Smolinski, Wells, Lindgren

Result   5-1   (39-33)

Heat 13.
Martin Smolinski takes his 6th race of the night and replaces Chris Harris.
Positions into bend 1, lap 1, 1st Tai Woffinden, 2nd Jason Doyle, 3rd Martin Smolinski, 4th Fredrik Lindgren. Jason Doyle passes Martin Smolinski along the back straight of lap 1 to once again challenge Tai Woffinden, he manages to draw level with Tai out of the 4th bend on lap 1 but Tai quickly shut the window of opportunity and pulls ahead. But Jason’s efforts are all to no avail as he takes a tumble on bend 2 of lap 2, the race is stopped and Jason is excluded from the re-run as the cause of the stoppage.
Re-run 3 riders only.
Tai Woffinden again makes a fantastic start and leads into the 1st bend, Martin Smolinski in 2nd, Fredrik Lindgren in 3rd. Fast Freddie lives up to his name as he passes Martin out of the 2nd bend.
On lap 2 Fredrik Lindgren passes Tai Woffinden… and that was it… Martin was never in contention with the Wolves duo as they notch up their 2nd 5-1 of the night and reduce the Brummies lead back to just 2 points.

Lindgren, Woffinden, Smolinski (Doyle fell/excluded)

Result   1-5   (40-38)

Heat 14.
Nicolas Covatti takes a reserve ride in place of Josh Auty.
Martin Smolinski has an absolute flyer out of the gate; regretfully the referee stops the race… all 4 back for the re-run.
Not such a good start for Martin in the re-run as Ricky Wells takes the lead into bend 1, Nicolas Covatti in 2nd, Martin Smolinski in 3rd and Jacob Thorssell 4th. Nicolas Covatti passes Ricky Wells on the back straight of lap 1 and Martin also passes Ricky Wells a short while later on the home straight at the end of lap 1. Martin completes his 3rd to 1st place as he passes Nico on the back straight of lap 2. A superb 5-1 to ensure a win for the Brummies!

Smolinski, Covatti, Wells, Thorssell

Result   5-1   (45-39)

Heat 15.
Nominated riders:
Danny King, Jason Doyle, Fredrik Lindgren, Tai Woffinden
Brummies off gates 1 and 3
Absolutely flying Wolves duo make no mistakes as they lead into bend 1, Fredrik Lindgren in 1, Tai Woffinden in 2, Jason Doyle and Danny King trailing in their wake! Tai passes Freddie on the back straight and the Brummie pair don’t stand a chance as the Wolves lengthen the lead over the following 3 laps. Just 1 point to the Brummies, 5 to the Wolves.

Woffinden, Lindgren, Doyle, King

Result   1-5   (46-44)

Meeting summary
Despite my initial optimism that we would have a comfortable win this evening, I have to admit to very diminishing optimism by the end of heat 6… things did look a tad better by heat 12 but we were never allowed a ‘comfort zone’… and just 6 points in front at heat 12 was never going to be enough to prevent Wolverhampton sneaking a point from the meeting. High praise has to go to Nicolas Covatti and Martin Smolinski for their 5-1 in heat 14, anything less and I truly believe that we could have lost the meeting… and all of the points!
Also some clever rider changes by Phil Morris certainly helped!
Ben was much improved… just need Chris to up his game now.
Martin scored 14+3 points from his 7 rides was once again named ‘Rider of the Night’!

Sheila Bowen

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