Charity Auctions (Online)

kam We (Sports Radio Birmingham)have set up an online charity auction page (click above) we will be raising money for “Kams Cuddles” link to webpage here  more items will be added soon.   CLICK HERE TO BID     More about the cause (its not a registered charity needs 5,000 to achieve registered charity status)       Kamran was just 15 months when his little life got took away from him through murder by someone they thought loved him

Kamran was just 15 months when his little life got took away from him through murder by this person at his home in bromford on 10-05-2007. Kamran was such a happy, loving, smiley child who loved to dance away to his music. He would always put a smile on your face when ever you felt down! He didn’t deserve to die how he did no child or any human does, Kamrans injureys was  the worst heartlands hospital has ever seen & a nurse also said the Injuries caused on kamran were similar to that of someone who had been in a car colision. Kamran left many of are hearts broken 🙁 we miss him each and everyday of are live’s.
Lets all stand up to child abuse !

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