Coming up on Sports Radio Birmingham…

cropped-banner3-copy.jpg  Kicking off this evening (Tuesday) with “The Pleasuredome” (8) an 80s Club/Dance extravaganza with Steve Hart, then its the long awaited “Solihull Hour”(9) (worth a listen for any local business’s )    Tomorrow its The “Biscuit Boys Show ” (7)(with special guests Tracey and Sarah from Kams Cuddles (who are looking for just £400 more to become a registered charity!) .

Thursday sees the return of the “Speedway Tavern” (7.45)after a week off…whos the new rider? and dont forget Capos “Midlands Footie Roundup”(7.15)…always worth a listen to our rising star!

Friday its the “Biscuit Boys” (7) again then its the first of our regular shows with “James Whale“(9) To end the evening we have another first..”Gabbies Biscuit Tin”(10)…an hour of new music

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