Is commercial radio doing enough?

There is no doubt that the only way you can hear any music from up and coming new artists (and even those that have been around for a while!) is to scour the airwaves and the net.

Why are the commercial stations including the glorious BBC so scared of playing under the radar and unsigned bands/artists? surely there is a market along side the established mainstream junk that is churned out day in day out?

Before you say “Hold up…the BBC do a “introducing show” featuring new talent, yes i know but its not enough, they could do more, a lot of kids and even adults dont realise that actually if you investigate further you will find that some artists/bands actually play…”instruments” and have recorded tracks available to be heard…and most importantly…would love them played on mainstream radio!

So come on radio stations! break the trend and give these artists a try, stop building up Mr Cowells retirement plan and stop playing the sugar pop station rubbish.



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