Why are England so rubbish?

engloAs the celebration of Pelés ‘Beautiful Game in Brazil continues with tonight’s knockout game between Brazil and Chile, I examine the reason’s for the England National Football Team, England Rugby, England Hockey, and England Cricket’s collective failure…….
WHY IS ENGLAND SO RUBBISH AT SPORT…..??????Why is Great Britain so bad at Sports?I blame the Thatcher Crisis Years and her education  Secretary Kenneth Baker who began to only pay teachers for the time that they worked and instigated the dreaded ‘Baker Days
At a stroke all the good will that teachers had in their devotion to sport in their own time when they stayed behind after school and volunteered to referee football and rugby matches against other schools and umpire cricket matches all day on summer Saturdays WITHOUT being paid……Teachers did these extra-curricular duties for NOTHING……The Tories in an effort to reward teachers for work that they did only succeeded in destroying school sport and their record in office since is little short of pathetic.A succession of Tory Sports MInisters who know nothing about sport have totally destroyed Britain’s sporting prowess.Tomorrow we return from Brazil with our so-called footballers, multi-millionaires to a man and representing our England National Football Teamand our National BBC Sport of Soccer AM coming back to these shores with their tails between their legs and in humiliation defeated by a country Uruguay with a population at 3.5 million less than half that of inner Labour London…….Absolute rubbish and I fear we will never win the FIFA World Cupagain and lets face it other than 1966 and a brief glimmer at Italia 90 we have always been useless at our National Sport of FootballThe same in England Cricket…..tonight we were defeated on the penultimate ball by Sri Lanka by Sri Lanka when James Anderson lost his wicket….the same problem again…..Most State Schools do NOT play cricket and the mostly Public Enemy School educated toffs that play cricket in this country…folk like Phil Tufnell, Alistair Cook et al are so cosseted and have it so easy that they have NO HUNGER like our multi millionaire footballers…..look at The Williams Sister and Andy Murray in British Tennis(invented in Birmingham by the way by Major Harry Gem in Earl Edgbaston in 1859) they have HUNGER to do well precisely because they have NOT had it easy and it has been a struggle for then to succeed and get to the sumit of their chosen sport….

And what of my own Sports Radio Birmingham show on my sport England Rugby….we host the Rugby World Cup in Birmingham Rugby next year with two games at Villa Park, England in September 2015

We were told by the RFU hierarchy and Stuart Lancaster the England’s Barmy Army Rugby Coach that we would compete with The All Blacks in their own back yard in the recent series in New Zealand Kiwis when we started by almost beating the Blacks but by the final game of the 3 match series we were soundly beaten….

Why…..? Again most Rugby Players are Public School Boys and most State Schools do NOT play for #Birmingham’s Moseley Rugby Club and Rugby union is not our national sport……mind you there is some good news as we did run the All Blacks close in the first game of the recent series and that I Love England’s Under 20’s Rugby XV won the Junior Rugby World MagazineCup for the second year running and I would like to say now that England will be competitive at home in next year’s Rugby World EPCR Champions Cup

Back to why we are so bad…..Successive Tory Government’s sold off our school playing fields to greedy residential developers and their friends in big business

Tony Blair understood the unifying nature of sport and lent his considerable weight to our Olympic bid which resulted in the best Olympiad at London 2012….

Birmingham Labour had Andy Howell’s Dad Sir Dennis Howell, an FA Cup Final referee and the Prime Mover behind Birmingham’s Olympic Bid in the 1980’s was a very successful Labour Sports Minister as was former Olympic high jumper Margaret Campbell and former England Rugby Full Back DerekWyatt North…..They had all competed in sport and been administrators at the elite level….LabourList understood the importance of sport

The decline in State School Sport (over 50 % of British Competitors at London 2012 were educated at Public Schools) has had a huge effect on our National Sporting Performance which has declined markedly since the devastating Thatcher Tory Government years.

The rise in childhood obesity can be directly correlated with the decline in state school sport and sporting participation in state schools and the decline in national sporting performance……


Keith Bracey
Sports Radio Birmingham

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