Full match report Brummies 42-Kings Lynn 48

Overcast but dry and warm… hopefully summer has arrived!

Our visitors Kings Lynn have 3 guests replacing their unavailable riders. Davey Watt, Max Fricke and Scott Nicholls would appear to be very adequate substitutes!

On with the meeting…
Brummies off gates 2 & 4 for heat 1.

Heat 1.
Adam Skornicki had a fantastic gate and led into the 1st bend, followed by Daniel Nermark Davey Watt and Max Fricke, those were also the finishing positions of the race, Davey Watt did offer a small challenge behind Daniel Nermark for a while but the resulting 5-1 was never in any doubt.

Result: 5-1
Skornicki, Nermark, Watt, Fricke

Heat 2.
Lewis Kerr, Paul Starke, Simon Lambert, Lewis Rose the race positions into the first bend, Lewis Rose was like lightning swooping around the outside to pass Simon Lambert as they exited the 2nd bend and by the end of the 1st lap the riders were well spread out and no further changes in the race.

Result: 2-4 (7-5)
Kerr, Starke, S Lambert, Rose

Heat 3.
Danny King, Rory Schlein, Scott Nicholls, Ben Barker the race order into the 1st bend, but Ben Barker storms around the outside to pass both Nicholls and Schlein as they exit the 2nd bend, but the 2nd place is short-lived as Rory Schlein edges past Ben Barker out of the 2nd bend of the 2nd lap. Scott Nicholls is all over the back of Ben Barker for the rest of the race but can’t get past.

Result: 4-2 (11-7)
King, Schlein, Barker, Nicholls

Heat 4.
Lewis Rose had a brilliant gate, the referee didn’t like it though, the race was stopped with all 4 riders back for the re-run.
Lewis Rose had another great gate and once again led into the 1st bend, Nico Covatti in 2nd, Max Fricke in 3rd and Paul Starke in 4th. A short-lived lead though as Paul Starke powered around the outside to take the lead out of the 2nd bend and as they headed down the back straight Max Fricke passes Nico Covatti. Nico rode superbly to re-claim 3rd place as he passed Max Fricke on the 2nd bend of the 2nd lap

Result: 4-2 (15-9)
Paul Starke, Rose, Covatti, Fricke

Heat 5.
Adam Skornicki, Ben Barker, Rory Schlein, Robert Lambert the race order into the 1st bend, Rory Schlein fell on 4th bend, lap 1, race stopped Rory Schlein excluded from re-run.
Adam Skornicki and Ben Barker again lead into the 1st bend, but a faster moving Robert Lambert powers around the outside to take the lead down the back straight. Adam Skornicki tried his hardest to pass Lambert but could not find a way through.

Result: 3-3 (18-12)
R.Lambert, Skornicki, Barker, (Schlein fell/excluded)

Heat 6.
The Kings Lynn duo of Scott Nicholls and Davey Watt with great gates stormed into 1st and 2nd place with Danny King and Nico Covatti in 3rd and 4th. The Brummie pair could make no impression on their opponents who by the end of the race had opened up a very good lead to take their first maximum points of the meeting.

Result: 1-5 (19-17)
Nicholls, Watt, King, Covatti

Heat 7.
Daniel Nermark led into the 1st bend followed by Robert Lambert, Lewis Kerr and Simon Lambert. Daniel Nermark reared up as he raced along the home straight at the end of the 2nd lap narrowly missing Robert Lambert and thankfully regaining control to hold on to his race position. The race concluded without any changes.

Result: 3-3 (22-20)

Heat 8.
Max Fricke led from the tapes, Danny King in 2nd, Rory Schlein in 3rd and Nico Covatti in 4th. Danny King passed Max Fricke along the back straight and Rory Schlein simultaneously passed his team mate Fricke, the race concluded without any further changes for another shared heat.

Result: 3-3 (25-23)
King, Schlein, Fricke, Covatti

Heat 9.
Paul Starke, Lewis Rose, Simon Lambert, Lewis Kerr the positions into the 1st bend. Simon Lambert from the outside gate raced hard around the outside and momentarily had his wheel in front of Rose who managed to hold off the challenge to hold onto 2nd place, the race continued without an changes until the last lap when Lewis Kerr over powered out of the 4th bend and clattered hard into the fence, thankfully he was up on his feet fairly quickly and walking back to the pits. A fine 4-2 to the Brummies extending the lead to 4 points.

Result: 4-2 (29-25)
Starke, Rose, S.Lambert (Kerr fell did not finish)

Heat 10.
Daniel Nermark into 1st place on the 1st bend closely followed by Scott Nicholls, Rory Schlein and Adam Skornicki, some frantic position changes into the 3rd bend sees Adam Skornicki take the lead with Rory Schlein passing Scott Nicholls with Scott Nicholls immediately re-passing his team mate. Scott Nicholls chased hard behind Daniel Nermark and succeeded in passing him on the back straight of lap 3 and 1 lap later Rory Schlein too manages to pass Daniel Nermark.

Result: 3-3 (32-29)
Skornicki, Nicholls, Schlein, Nermark

Heat 11.
Into the 1st bend, Davey Watt in 1st, Ben Barker in 2nd, Robert Lambert in 3rd and Danny King with a poor gate trailing in 4th. Robert Lambert passes Ben Barker on the back straight. Ben Barker and Danny King appeared to get into each other’s way and both fell on the 3rd bend of lap 1, the race was stopped and both riders got up fairly quickly, Danny King was judged as being the prime cause of the stoppage and was excluded from the re-run.
Davey Watt, Ben Barker and Robert Lambert the positions into the 1st turn. Davey Watt quickly opened up a sizeable lead while Ben Barker had a hard race holding off the relentless challenge of Robert Lambert for the entire race.

Result: 2-4 (34-32)

Heat 12.
Daniel Nermark, Lewis Kerr, Max Fricke and Paul Starke the race positions until bend 2 of the 3rd lap where Lewis Kerr and Max Fricke exchanged places for yet another shared heat.

Result: 3-3 (37-35)
Nermark, Fricke, Kerr, Starke

Heat 13.
Poor gates from the Brummie pair as they trail at the back down the back straight. As Adam Skornicki attempts to pass Ben Barker he rears up between the 1st and 2nd bend and falls heavily, the race is stopped with the exclusion of Adam Skornicki from the re-run. Adam Skornicki is tended on the track for quite a while before he is taken off in the ambulance. A lengthy delay while Adam is examined by the doctor and is eventually taken to hospital for a check up on possible muscle damage to his left leg.
Davey Watt, Scott Nicholls and Ben Barker the positions into the 1st bend, Ben Barker never really got into contention as Watt and Nicholls took control of the race, trading places with each other as they took their second 5-1 of the night and also the lead of the meeting.

Result: 1-5 (38-40)
Nicholls, Watt, Barker (Skornicki fell/excluded)

Heat 14.
Paul Starke replaces Simon Lambert.
Paul Starke lurches forward at the tapes, race stopped all 4 back.
Robert Lambert, Paul Starke, Lewis Kerr and Nico Covatti the positions into the 1st bend, Lewis Kerr passes Paul Starke on the back straight. Nico Covatti already having a meeting he would rather forget manages to lose his steel shoe at the end of lap 2 and does not finish the race, meanwhile Robert Lambert and Lewis Kerr have exchanged places… sorry I don’t know where… my attention was drawn to Nico angrily throwing his dislodged steel shoe on to the centre green! Another 5-1 to Kings Lynn and regretfully the end of the Brummies hopes for the meeting.

Result: 1-5 (39-45)
Kerr, R.Lambert, Starke (Covatti did not finish)

Heat 15.
Nominated riders: Daniel Nermark, Danny King, Davey Watt and Scott Nicholls.
After a close fought bend 1 & 2 with riders vying for their positions it is Danny King in 1st, Davey Watt in 2nd, Scott Nicholls in 3rd and Daniel Nermark in 4th as they head down the back straight, Daniel Nermark tried hard for 4 laps but couldn’t find a way to pass Scott Nicholls. No position changes for the entire race.

Result: 3-3 (42-48)
King, Watt, Nicholls, Nermark

Meeting summary
I’m really disappointed… I won’t pretend that I thought we would have a runaway victory, but a win by a couple of points was still on the cards until a series of mishaps with Danny King excluded in heat 11 and Adam Skornicki injured and excluded in heat 13 saw the Brummies run out of scoring potential heat leaders. It was inevitable that Kings Lynn who were only 2 points adrift would seize the opportunity… they did… and turned the match around with back to back 5-1’s in heat 13 and 14.
It was pleasing to see Danny’s score of 10 from 5 rides despite exclusion in one of them. Paul Starke is also doing a great job in reserve position.
Well done to Kings Lynn on the win, their choice of guest riders certainly came up trumps… but I stand by my thoughts that we would have just scrapped a narrow win without the misfortunes of Danny King and Adam Skornicki. I hope Adam makes a speedy recovery, we can’t afford for him to be on the side-line for long!

Sheila Bowen


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