The Tilton Talk Show

The Tilton Talk Radio Show has gone from strength to strength since its formation in early 2011.

Formally the “Forza Show”, its creators and presenters Chris Browne, Nick Spall and Chris Pugh have been entertaining Bluenoses on SRBRadio for some years now, bringing in special guests to help them pick apart everything Birmingham City related for that week.

Over the years, the show has attracted some true Birmingham royalty, with Hoppy, Broads, Taity, Dants, James Nursey and Andy Walker all appearing behind the mic.






And off course, who could forget Carol Butcher’s (aka the Scarf Lady) memorable appearance a couple of months ago, an episode that pulled in a huge amount of listeners, and rightly so too.


The show is recorded in Chris’s Solihull home, and the novelty of being able to record from home comes with its perks. I’m sure I speak for many that have appeared on the show when I say there is always a great selection of drinks on offer when you go on to give your thoughts to the Blues faithful that tune in every week!

Behind the home-made radio studio is a shoal of Blues memorabilia and you get the instant impression as soon as you step through the door that this is a Blues-mad house.

The shows’ listening figures are on the rise, and the Tilton Talk show raked in over 35,000 listeners last year- impressive for a purely home-made production.

And that’s another admirable trait of the Tilton Talk Show- its ability to build an audience. What started with three men screaming into one plastic mic has now turned into three men screaming into three plastic mics, and you guessed it, the equipment upgrade occurred when the audience began to grow.

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ttThe Tilton Talk runs a live blog every Monday night alongside the show and it gives listeners the chance to send in thoughts and questions whilst the three presenters dissect the week’s events. It’s this interactivity that sets the show apart from others out there: getting the fans involved from the start of each episode until the end.

1500x500The show also concentrates on the ever increasing popularity of women’s football, Tilton Talk expert (Chris Pugh) reports on the ladies game, (particularly BCLFC) every week and has had its own slot on the show for quite a while now…

How is the station/show funded? They have been lucky this season to have been able to grab a sponsor for the show “The ELO group” and has helped out extensively with licencing etc.

repairs copybut up until then its been with dribs and drabs and begging, The show did manage to get a couple of sponsors in the beginning but fund wise it was mainly funded by Chris….






The future?…The show would love some sort of recognition from the club they so dearly love…that’s all!, they are not in this for any monetary gains…obviously!

So with the show in its fifth year, the presenters have praised all of those who have helped the show get to where it is today.

Chris insists that a special mention must go out to the following ,”Tim Andrews of Hollywood Monster for his continued support and apologies if we forget anyone but we’ve also been pushed along by (amongst scores of guests) Paul Smith, Adrian Howell, Kieran Corcoran, John Kelly, Paul Collins, Gabriel Sutton, Oli Osborn, Nat Peters, Chris Pugh (Current pundit) and the driving force behind the show Nick Spall.”

nicko“Nick travels a ridiculous length every Monday to get here as well as Chris Pugh who travels from Alvechurch… and not forgetting our engineering guru Michael Harris, yes, a Villa fan!”

“A mention also must go out for regular contributors John Docherty, Ray Hobrow and all the regulars that join in every Monday on our live shoutbox, and also the wife, who puts up with the endless strangers running to the loo every 3 minutes!”

Kudos must be given to co-presenter Nick Spall, as Chris mentions in his comments above. He travels from Uttoxeter every Monday to record the show, making his journey a staggering 90 miles plus! a-week. Dedication.

All these things have come together to create what we know and love as the Tilton Talk show today. As Blues fans, we’re lucky to have a platform in which to be informed and entertained on a weekly basis, and we take it for granted.


So thank you Chris B, Nick and Chris P, and all the contributors! and let’s hope the Tilton Talk Show goes from strength to strength in the future.


By Hayden Atkins.