Huddersfield, Carol and the Coffin…

It was never going to be an ordinary away day with the Blues and we never expected it to be, We had a mad coach driver who never believed his Sat Nav, We had a “refreshment” stop on the way that made us slightly late (and roadworks),

beer  carol


We had a legend on board, our very own “Scarf Lady” (Carol Butcher)……oh yes, and we had a coffin…..a full size coffin….painted in Claret and Blue….not forgetting a wreath…a real flowers and all wreath.


Videos of the coffin (and there are plenty) are all over the tinternet, apparently seen by over 1.5 million altogether…up to now…lol



What were we going to do with a full size (heavy) coffin?….easy, we are going to take it all the way to Huddersfield and parade it outside the ground,

The conversation with the coach company went like this, ” Hello we need to but something in the luggage hold, its about six foot and 3 foot wide”,…. the reply “That sounds like a coffin!”

They were spot on.


Huddersfield Coffin daypallme











A mention as well that we managed to raise over £150 for the Childrens Hospital in Birmingham from donations on the coach and also from our Facebook friends that include a Villa fan. There was never any intention of anything nasty and thats the way it turned out! Just good old fashion banter….

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