Interview..Tonight with Legend Kash The Flash Gill

kash-the-flash-gill-opposes-the-council-scheme-800992373Keith Bracey writes:  Tonight on my Rugby Show on Sports Radio Birmingham, 6.45pm (Monday) we have a departure from the usual format as we have a very special guest from Birmingham…a World Champion…..

I am ‘In the Clubhouse’ with a famous Brummie World Champion a 4 time World Kick Boxing Champion and all round great guy from Solihull to boot……Kash the Flash Gill, who has written a book about his eventful life from the rigours of a childhood in inner city Birmingham to becoming a World Champion Kick Boxer….not once but FOUR….yes FOUR times…..!

Welcome to Birmingham Legend Kash the Flash Gill who tells me how he works to include young disaffected kids from Ladywood and Winson Green in Birmingham at his Gillott Road Gym in Birmingham’s inner city suburb Summerfield….all this tonight on Sports Radio Birmingham….By the Fans…..For the Fans!….The onlySports-Radio Station you will need……Go Kash The Flash!

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