Is something special about to happen?

The most succesful team in Birmingham?

Is the city of Birmingham about to have a major sporting success?

Well just maybe. Birmingham Speedway are currently sitting on top of the Elite League Table with matches in hand. The win against Wolverhampton has confirmed that they WILL be in the end of season play offs that determine the winners of the league. And you have to say, that although there is a long way to go and nothing is certain in this sport, they have as good a chance as anyone of winning the league.

As always there are a lot of if’s and but’s

For instance.
Will Chris ‘Bomber’ Harris be able to come back from his injury (Broken colloar bone) in this weekends Danny King testimonial and pick up the blistering form he was showing.

Winning the fitness battle!

Will Nico Covatti be able to come back and play a part in the play offs?

Both men will be needed if we are to win the league and that is for sure.


Will Poole get into the play offs by the skin of there teeth and then blow everybody away with the power of there top two of Darcy Ward and Greg Hancock?

The answer of course is ‘I dont know’ but that, as ever is the beauty and devilment of sport.

What I do know is this, right now, is the best time to come and watch Birmingham Speedway if you have never ever tasted it before. So get yourself down to Perry Barr for our next match against the Peterbourough Panthers for what is to be a tense match as the Panthers are currently very much on form and have an outside chance of making the play offs themselves.

And just to give you some extra encouragement. Ring 07818 033 766 and you will get a text back giving you a whopping £6 of the entrance fee.