Just a quickie!


Hi all, not a moan but more a case of putting things straight..Sports Radio Birmingham (or SRB radio) is run on a non-profit system, which basically means its a loss making venture!…it costs us money every day to put these programes on air, its a very time consuming venture and cost absorbing activity, to actually doing the shows to providing the promo,editing,website updating, then the costs mount up..Servers,Podcast fees, Website fees, PRS and PPL Fees (licencing) including electricity and equipment.. and travelling time from our volunteer presenters…

“Why do it then?” i hear you say, and the truth is because we love it. What we really would like is more a show of appreciation (although any sponsorship or donation would be gratefully received!)

We would like to think that over the last few years that we have been on air we have introduced some great shows/topics including some great new unsigned bands and artists.(which does show in the amount of downloads we get) who probably would have been very limited in exposure otherwise.

If you can help us out in any way you can albeit a donation, or sponsorship (maybe you know someone!) or just help in sharing our page,our shows,our facebook/twitter address (re-tweets are always welcome!) then that would be brilliant!

Finally we would like to big up our friends that have supported us over the years, You are brilliant!


The SRB Team