Monday 15th April

This Monday on Sports Radio Birmingham sees yet another packed studio,
in fact we have know idea as yet as to where everyone is going to be sitting..Starting us off at 6.30 is Keith’s “In The Clubhouse” Then at 7.00pm is the Dummie Brummies Music Show.

Tim Andrews, a long term favorite of Sports Radio Birmingham makes his third return (He loves us)along with Steve Shipway and Jamie Spooner, also making another return is Gary James from BCFC Hospitality.

As if thats not enough we will also have a player from BCFC ladies to keep all the testosterone at an exceptable level (even Gabbie) and to top it off we have a member (Danny) from local band “Sylvia” to tell us all about the band, we will also be playing their current release, a track called “falling ghost” between (7.00pm and 7.30pm)
So join us Nick, Chris, GA, Gabbie and our guests on the Forza Show tomorrow at 7.30pm with the Dummie Brummie music show from 7.00pm to 7.30pm.