Passion for the game at Birmingham County FA


Jessica Carter receives player of the match from Webby with GA looking proudly on.
Jessica Carter receives player of the match from Chris Browne with Micheal Harris looking proudly on.

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone at the Birmingham County FA that made myself and Chris Browne very welcome today at their headquarters in Ray Hall lane. Sports-radio was invited along to present (and as it turned out choose) the player of the match between Warwick and Leafields. The match was for the Girls County Championships.

We were absolutely bowled over by the Passion, commitment and absolute determination that was shown. And that was just the directors! So take a bow Steve Poole and Dave Shelton amongst so many people that we met today that showed us just what grass roots football is all about. To say that we were impressed is understating things by a very long distance.

After a tour of the impressive headquarters we settled down to watch the match. Where once again Passion, commitment and determination was demonstrated by the players of both teams. Also,it must be noted, much much skill. The match itself was a nailbiter and very entertaining with loud and vocal support for each team cheering them on. A full match report can be seen on the Birmingham County FA’s website and a link will be given below.

As for the player of the match, that was made easy for us. The Warwick Junior Angels Captain had already caught our eye in the first half with a lovely cross that was converted by Ellie Cockbill. But the decision was made easy for us when she scored the winner by first evading two tackles and then finishing from just outside the area with a beautiful strike into the back of the net. I promise you that you won’t see anything better on match of the day.

So take a bow Jessica Carter the sports-radio player of the match.

Our thanks go once again to all at the County FA. We were treated like royalty and it was much appreciated. We are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship. But more on that at a later date

Michael (GA) Harris