Paul Weller 10-03-15

Paul Weller – Warwick Arts Centre


Almost 33 years to the day when i first watched Paul Weller perform with The Jam i set off and headed down the A45 to The Warwick Arts Centre in Coventry to see the Modfather perform yet another blistering set.On arrival at the venue a place i visited last time Paul Weller was in town i bumped into a few pals in the bar area a quick chat and a pint later i was looking down at the magnificent The Spitfires for awhile it felt like i was back in Bingley Hall 21st March 1982.The Spitfires fronted by the energetic talented and aimiable Billy Sulivan and a band I’ve interviewed twice smashed through their set finishing off with a catchy and unbeat standard of theirs Spark to Start.After a short break that spark was lit,enter God AKA as Paul Weller now im nailing my colours to the mast if Paul sang nursery ryhmes id still be in attendance.I went to see PW at both Warwick Castle and Cannock Chase last year, very different venues, though the only fireworks at The Arts Centre were on the stage.Weller started his set very much a guitar led gig with a new tune, a taste of things to come with the spring/summer release of Saturns Pattern and a hat tip to his 1st Solo album.On this tour Paul has had a forward thinking approach and ditched the odd The Jam or The Style Council classic.

Personally as much as I love his former incarnations he is Paul Weller and on this tour he is promoting that forthcoming album, for sure he could drop the odd one in but given his back catalogue its a case of what does he leave out as much as what 25 tracks does he choose.With that in mind there were a few tunes I was hearing for the 1st time and now I’m proper looking forward to the release date.Paul did play a few piano based songs including Saturns Pattern and while he was interacting with audience there was a cackle of noise coming from a racous group. Shut the fuck up, how rude and an analogy regarding beans on toast ensued even Steve Cradock had a word shortly after. The gig just falling short of 2 hours given encores etc was easily as good as anything I’ve seen from Paul and as always over far too quickly the audience me included was abit quiet but hey we are all 50 plus now and it was a school night with many of us driving.Paul Weller finished off with The Changingman on exit and reflection I couldnt think of a more appropriate song to go out on and ironically with those 33 years time passes so quickly I thought this young man i first saw all those years ago hasnt really changed has he,he just moves on re-inventing himself and he’s matured like a vintage bottle of wine.Here’s to November when i have my next encounter with God, onwards and upwards Mr Weller

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