Puppet Rebellion 13-03-15

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Puppet Rebellion-Flapper Birmingham


Friday 13th is often perceived to by an unlucky date particularly if your superstitious, personally its something i don’t buy into:something i do buy into is music and music at its best is live and what a feast Puppet Rebellion served up at The Flapper Birmingham.I had the pleasure of interviewing this 5 piece Manchester based outfit a couple of hours before they not only painted the cupboards Red but set the venue alight with an exciting vibrant fresh energetic set that got my ear drums ringing and dancing with joy.

This was their 2nd visit to Brum having played the talk bar last year.Since they the former lead has been replaced by the amiable and charismatic Olly the dynamics haven’t changed the chemistry is there the sound is on another level.The Greatest lie ever told they blasted out, well you can work out the meaning of that yourself and the upbeat Pirouette sat wonderfully in the set they performed alongside their new single watch me fall.

These boys have everything needed to climb to the very top the only thing falling will be people over themselves to buy download and cherish their tunes and ramming venues countywide to watch these North West Aces.

The sign in my opinion of a great band and a top gig is wanting to go back for more I certainly will and the new numbers I heard and Loved I want to know more about them, all in all I’m hooked now as a fan and look forward to the return of Puppet Rebellion to Birmingham and yes Craig it is England’s 2nd City.


Paul Collins-SRB Radio


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