Radio Review


Below is a radio review from our young reporter Kieran Capo Corcoran.

The Forza Show  (TTS)

So on Monday we had Blues legend Robert Hopkins in the studio to share his views on-Forza Blues,His Footballing Career & also Ladies Football . Hoppys career was a eventful career with going from blues to villa,villa back to blues,then to Shrewsbury and finally going to Hong Kong to play football over there.

The Event

Well Hoppy talked about going to villa and in his second game there (second game of 3) he scored (nothing special there then).As he scored he kissed THE BADGE…..But what badge was it (of course it has to be villa).What with everyone knowing not a lot about Hopkins he wore his blues shirt underneath and he DID NOT kiss the villa badge he kissed the blues badge.

Gabbie Cabbie Takes Over The Mic………Again

Gabbie talked about ladies football,made in brum and his WONDERFUL events coming up with the big football match in August.But Taking you onto supporters where Capo gave his views on supporters and on how he thinks sky sports takes over .This is what Capo Wrote

Supporters of a club are not just individual people or families they are a community a community that brings a stadium to life every other Saturday. But what is happening to are community,as the money builds up the famous sport as the young generation such as myself have a rough idea on how much things cost. So how can we get the tickets to go down in price …well you tell me because I for one think that this community which is beginning to be broken down into little pieces deserves their voices to be heared . So lets stand up and remember that we are all one….different clubs,different believes,SAME PASSION. Football Without The Fans Is Nothing.

By Kieran Corcoran

To Sum Up The Show

With a great show no wonder we got record views so thank you to Hoppy,Nick DJ Spall,Gabbie Cabbie,GA,Oli,Capo,Chris Browne (Manger of Sports Radio)….oh and Helen

Review By Kieran Corcoran (AKA Forza Capo)