Safe Standing

Could safe standing work in the British game?
Birmingham City supporters group “The Forza Blues” certainly think so.
“You only have to take a look at its success in Germany. So far there are 22 Professional English clubs signed up to backing this campaign two of which of Villa and Wolves … As of Yet BCFC have not backed it , But my intention is to get BCFC to back this campaign and push it forward.
Over the next few weeks i will be arranging with the FSF to hold a roadshow showcasing how Safe standing works, we will invite the club local MP’s and Councillors to also attend and try and convince them to get behind the Campaign. As others have said if we look to the German Model it will work only have to look at the massive increase in attendances and decrease in Ticket prices to see how successful it has been … I believe it is approx £145.00 – £190.00 for a Season Ticket at Bayern Munich (not 100%) if that is the case imagine how much of a success it would be over here ..It would almost certainly bring football back to where it belongs “THE FANS”
I truely believe that safe standing will bring the game back to the fans and allow more fans to be able to go the games and once again support there club …” Says Paul Smith, founder of the group.
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We will also be discussing it in a future SRB Show.

Chris Browne