The Sex Pissed Dolls

Sex Pissed Dolls: Review, Custard House Birmingham UK.

Ive noticed recently a number of posts regarding ticket prices to watch bands.For me its all about entertainment and value for money whether they are a Covers band or original.Prices tend to start from a fiver to 15 quid in venues of up to 250/300 capacity.My personal preference is always original music, my reason, i want to discover new material.Even when i watch my personal hero Paul Weller i want to hear something new,for sure i love to hear my old favorites but music is all about pushing boundaries and creating new modern classics.Bands cost money venues have running costs door staff sound engineers etc ect.

During the last 12 months I’ve been out and about in Birmingham watching many artists ply their trade, I’ve interviewed them and many have become friends I’ll be honest I’d say ALL..Last night i went to see The Neon Hearts and The Sex Pissed Dolls Nancy Doll Kitty Vacant Anna Key Jilly Idol Connie Rotter at The Custard House the price was 12 quid.

sexpistols  Personally i would have payed £20, The Hearts an old school punk outfit from Wolverhampton were as fresh last night as they were in 78 when the supported The Sex Pistols, albeight Sid and co didnt quite make it ,However The Sex Pissed Dolls did. They ripped through a set from Pretty Vacant to Anarchy In The Uk with a bit of Sham 69 Blondie and The Kaiser Chiefs I predict a Riot thrown into an amazing set and they almost did. All told I personally thought the girls gave a great full on performance that I will be buzzin about for sometime, can’t wait to see the Dolls again for a repeat performance,they swept off me feet bowled over and all for 12 quid,( ive payed that for 2 glasses of wine when ive been out with the Mrs).Live venues and live music will always have our 100% support at ps Nancy likes Jack Daniels, i want Jack Daniels she shouted, it was a Spartacus moment.

Good on you girls see you soon.

Paul Collins (Gabbie Cabbie)