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John Hutchinson

2014-03-05 19.26.52March the 15th is a very important date for John Hutchinson. The fighter nicknamed “The Buncraner Banger” will on that day be fighting the experienced Peter McDonagh for the vacated Irish National light middleweight title. McDonagh is a 50 fight veteran and this fight is an opportunity to  become a two weight champion. John Hutchinson is a five fight novice and a win will propel him up though the rankings. A fight that will be screened live on Chanell 5.2014-03-05 19.46.46John Hutchinson fights out of the prospects academy gym in Birmingham and Mark the gym owner well remembers the day that John wandered into his gym to check it out. He has been an ever present in the gym since. Why Birmingham? Well it started when John’s grandparent left him a house in Brum so that John could take advantage of the excellent facilities and, probably of more import, the fantastic technical training the facility provides.

2014-03-05 19.41.14John tells me “They have got me boxing here and I am a different fighter, a better fighter they have taken off all the rough edges” When talking to the trainers in the gym they all have the same thing to say. He’s a tough tough bloke while at the same time a lovely man.

John has prepared well for this fight even though the match was only made a short while ago and has traveled the country looking for sparring partners to prepare for the coming fight. All the hard work has been done but as John himself has said “Its down to me now”  So March the 15th is an important date in the career of John Hutchinson and a big night for the prospects academy.

Tune in to the sports-radio program airing tonight to be inspired not only by John but also the good work and hope that the academy brings to the area.  I promise you its worth listening to.

Catch the interview tonight here on SRB  9.00PM on www.sports-radio.co.uk/radio or search Tuenin on your mobile for “Sports Radio Birmingham”

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