The Fans Cup


“The Fans Cup” in partnership with SRB and I conjunction with The BCFA

As the tile says..a cup but not sponsored by any organisation..but sponsored by the fans, that’s you and me.


How will it work?

Simple, we need fans from all clubs in our area to donate a small amount, say £2.00, we do not want any big donations above £5.00, this is to make sure as many normal ordinary football fans(the bread and butter of all clubs) get to participate

We need approx £250.00 to get this project off the ground

..that should not be difficult, and as far as we know there is nothing like this in the country, all donors will be joining something quite unique.

If we happen to raise over the amount, we could donate the surplus to charity or leave it for the following season .

The Competition would be the Sunday Junior Cup – this being a true reflection of Grass Roots Sunday Adult Football,

We (Sports Radio Birmingham) will also be doing a live commentary on the final game and we hope to also get the wider local press involved and maybe a celebrity to present the cup.

There will also be a wall of honour with everyone’s name (if you so wish) on it that donated to the first ever cup competition sponsored entirely by the fans.

How to donate.

There will shortly be a paypal and other payment alternatives on this page, if you cannot wait you can still pledge on either our twitter page @sportsradio1 or facebook page /sportsradio1

Many thanks….lets make this happen!.. Pleese note: The Donate Button is now on view at the top of each page “Donate Here”

Sports Radio Birmingham and The Birmingham County FA