The Rise And Rise of Tilton Talk

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were all sitting huddled in my garage screaming in to one plastic mic between us hoping that someone was listening.

Incredibly Tilton Talk celebrates its 9th Season in 2019 (Started as the Forza Show).

Sports Radio Birmingham is almost 10 years old, conceived with the idea of letting anyone have the opportunity to broadcast and this is exactly what happened with Tilton Talk…..Whether anyone was listening in the early days didn’t really matter, it was still great to get things off your mind!…and fun! and we all knew even then that it would continue..with an audience or without..

Early shows could be classed as chaotic..the idea being a group of noses sitting round talking about the Blues seemed simple enough but sometimes got very tasty…A room with Paul Collins (Gabbie) Paul Smith, Nick Spall and Ian Danter was sure to go off!.

The guests that have joined us over the years have now filled so much of one wall that I’ve had to stop putting the pics it’s just names..

The integration of TTS moving to Facebook Live as well as online seems to have pushed the show on to new heights, continually reaching 15k plus every week.

The real secret to the show is not the hosts Nick, Chris and Chris but to Blues fans that come on and join in..every week..that what make the show so unique.

It truly is by the fans…for the fans.

Chris Browne

Tilton Talk Show