This weeks shows on SRB sponsored by J.S. Spooner

SRBMonday 02/09/13 6.45-7.15pm The return of “In The Clubhouse” with Keith Bracey (Rugby)  7.30-9.00pm “The Forza Show ” with special guest and Auction (BCFC Show)

Wednesday 04/09/13 6.00-7.00pm Our pilot music show “The Moors Music Show” (New Music)

Thursday 6.00-7.00pm  Our pilot music show “The Moors Music Show” (New Music..repeated from Wednesday)7.15-7.45pm “The Midlands Footie Roundup” with young capo 7.45-8.45pm “The Speedway Tavern” news from The Brummies and Wolves.

Friday 7.30-9.00pm “The Moors Show” magazine programe with Paul Collins (Gabbie Cabbie) Football/Interviews/Music