Thoughts on the EL so far

Wolves certainly filled there boots tonight beating (and beating is the right word here) Belle Vue to the tune of 59 to 33. It certainly puts the Brummies scraped win at home to Belle Vue into sharp relief. Little Lindgren (a Brummie asset you may remember) scored 9 points from the reserve berth including two heat wins and if he carries on with that form he will give Peter Adams a tough decision when Sam Masters sorts out his Visa issues. Elsewhere Kings Lynn have done well with maximum points from home and away wins verses Peterborough. So where does this leave the Brummies? The short answer is I don’t know. Its true we had a good win away at Coventry but how good are Coventry? Again I don’t know. I feel we will have a better idea after the Coventry away match.

Talking about the Coventry away match. Birmingham got full points at Coventry but I dont think one red and yellow scarf was waved in celebration at the end. The heat 14 injury to Adam Roynon put everything into its proper place and its times like that when we all become speedway fans rather than Birmingham or Coventry supporters. I have witnessed a few crashes in my time but I have never experienced an atmosphere like that at a speedway match as everyone wondered what we had just witnessed. Our intrepid sports radio presenter Joseph was getting ready for some post race interviews at the time but in the circumstances we decided that this would not be right. I wouldn’t mind betting that the first thought of everyone present when they woke up the following morning was to get on the internet and find out how Adam was.

Thankfully the news from Adam has been good. Get better soon Adam from everyone at sports-radio.