Tilton Talk-A Brief History

Tilton Talk and its predecessor “Forza Show” is now in its 4th season…yes 4th! From its early days of us all screaming in to a small plastic £5 mics to us now…screaming in to 4 plastic £5 mics!

We have interviewed a few legends along the way, Hoppy, Broads, Taity, Dants, (he will love us for that lol)  also various journos including Mirror man James Nursey, Not forgetting former backroom man Andy Walker ( a great contributor to the show!)

andy nicko docco

and a special mention must go out to Tim Andrews of Hollywood Monster for his continued support!. Apologies if i forget anyone (getting old) But along the way we’ve been pushed along by  Paul Smith, Adrian Howell, Kieran Corcoran, Paul Collins, Gabriel Sutton, Oli Osborn, Nat Peters, Chris Pugh (Current pundit) and the driving force behind the show Nick Spall (who travels a ridiculous length every monday to get here!) and not forgetting our engineering guru Michael Harris (yes..a Villa Fan). a mention also must go out for regular contributors  John Docherty, Ray Hobrow, 

Whoops…also the wife who puts up with the endless strangers running to the loo every 3 minutes…

How is the station/show funded?: With dribs and drabs and begging, We have had a couple of sponsors in the beginning and we have help from Image 2000 Cleaning who have had banners on our site (eternally grateful) but fund wise its recently been funded by myself & Paul Collins with equipment from friends and ebay..including GA lol..(Michael Harris)…get in touch for a great deal! lol




Tune in every Monday 7.30pm.  The only BCFC show on the planet  

Chris, SRB Radio