TONIGHT Thursday!

We have exciting news re this Thursdays Speedway Tavern. We have teamed up with ‘speedway kodi’ to run a competition. Speedway kodi is an app that runs across multi platforms that provide many many speedway video’s. Including matches GP’s great races and so on. (It actually has a video that features our very own Andy Grahame that I came across by mistake.)

They are giving away as the prize an Android T8 smart box that is worth £100. This was kindly provided by and we thank them very much. The box will come with speedwaykodi pre-installed. To find out more about speedway kodi please visit there website at: –

This really is a fantastic prize and I urge you all to log on to the show on Thursday at 8pm.

There is a picture up of the prize on our web site of the box and here is a link to a video about the box.

The competition itself will consist of questions about speedway and will be based upong the catogories within speedway kodi

We are really excited about this and the only thing that dampens my enthusiasm is that I cant win the damn thing as I am setting the questions. :-[