Whats the Brummies Fighting Fund for?



The fighting fund has been set up to assist in the continuation of speedway at Birmingham UNDER A NEW PROMOTION.

No money will be given to Alan and/or Charles Phillips. They have stated they have the money to clear the debts and, if they do so, they don’t need ours.
If the continuation is to be from the remainder of this season, so much the better; firstly it is far more likely to go ahead next season as a going concern; secondly our riders who have been so badly let down will remain in employment and earning; thirdly we have something to do on Wednesday nights!
The fund will NOT be used just for the sake of paying of debts accrued by the Phillips but ONLY if such payment will secure the return of the Brummies either this season or next. 
The BSPA are working hard to try to secure our future and we need to be guided by them. No doubt the picture will be clearer after the meeting with Alex Harkess.
There will never be any guarantee about Birmingham continuing; we could hand over the money next week, run for the rest of 2014 and not re-open in 2015. Equally we could pay the money in the winter for the club to re-open in March, only to fold again a few weeks later. All that we can do is ensure that the fund does not get into the wrong hands and that, upon the advice of those who know far more than we do, it is used for the purpose that will give the greatest chance of us being able to wear the red and yellow again.


Fighting Fund Committee

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